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    A6 C6 Avant 01/8 S Line

    Hi Crispin, Sure, let me know buddy.
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    A6 C6 Avant 01/8 S Line

    Hi, I've just purchased an A6 Avant 2008 S Line 2.0TDi. 1. How do I tell if Im runnig the MMI High or just MMI - I have 3d veiw, colour screen etc? 2. What wheel spec/offset is needed if I want to go 19" 3. I have the BRE Engine - 2.0TDi I think its a PD140 but how can I make sure, could it...
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    BIG HELP Required - A4 B7 Concert - RNS-E Upgrade, How To & Info...!

    Hi All, I'm looking at getting a A4 B7 Wagon which currently has a Concert Double Din Stereo. How hard is it to swap out for a RNS-E Sat NAV Unit? The car has a BOSE System in it too, what kind of harness link will I need? Also, if I wanted to attach an additional Amp / Sub Unit and Phone...
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    Hesitation accelerating 2.0tdi 170 quattro

    Know what you mean, its not ALL the time but often whan in slow moving traffic.. Think I'm goint to bite the bullit and get a Blufin sorted..
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    Really GAY Post..... Best Roof Rack For A3 Hatch...

    Its the 'right' fitting i'm more worries about... Halfords, Rackshop, Roofbox all have a million Boxes for the A3 but no clear indication on correct fitting...
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    Hesitation accelerating 2.0tdi 170 quattro

    My car does this.. I had it AMD Mapped and its does it just before the Turbo kicks in around 1800-2000.. A kind of... Whoa nelly ECU senses a big surge coming any minute.. hold off, hold off... now back in... Right annoying...
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    Really GAY Post..... Best Roof Rack For A3 Hatch...

    As it says... GAY,GAY,GAY through and through... BUT.. I aint getting rid of my A3 S-Line PD170 DSG S3 Look Lady for no man... I need more space for Paintball Weekend Holidays. Can any one point me in the direction of the best roof racks for the A3 2 Door? Cheers :)
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    Bodyshop in Bexleyheath/SE London area???

    Try COBRA BODY Shop in Beckton SE London. 18 Gemini Bus. Pk. Hornet Way, Beckton E6 7FF Kenny Faulkner 0207 511 6465 They have done a good couple jobs for me.
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    Help please from any one with coilovers & photos please

    Hi Benskin07, I fit a set of Weitec Coilovers to my ride and it looks good (pic to follow) I think its now lower by 45-50mm. I'd really resist going lower! Ride quality is good and handling much better. Remember if you go lower be prepaired to get the front splitter re done every so often...
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    140's, 170's, DPF

    All correct answers. I have a PD170 and only last week had to change a common fault with the DPF sensor, only £90 fix. DPF's were put on Diesels around 2006, an easy way to tell is to look at the tail pipes, if they bend down at the tip toward the ground = NO DPF, if the tail pipe is straight...
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    Main Dealer Window Tint Service????

    Hi, Does anyone know if Dealers can do tints? I'd like my A3 done and think the OEM tints look way much better in some instances? Or can any one vouch for a good aftermarket tint'er in Kent, South East London?