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    Dynamic Headlight Range - reset

    yeah back to normal, took the code out of the original scan and set it
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    Dynamic Headlight Range - reset

    no, i only added, foglights on cornering, but seemed to bring up the fault. Also tried to add the tourist selection in the MMI. i had a look on the ross-tech site and can't seem to find it for the Q3.
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    Dynamic Headlight Range - reset

    Hi, I was playing about in VCDS and got the error code saying the dynamic headlight range is defective. I reset the coding back to what it should be, but the error code won't clear. Does anyone know the process to rest this error? Thanks 2014 Audi Q3 S-Line
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    A4 Cab Standard Alloys? Please can anyone ID?

    Those are the same wheels as i have on mine, they were offered as an option. I actually looked for a car with these wheels as they were different to the std S-line wheels.
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    New A4 Avant owner from Norfolk

    Welcome, I'm in Norwich too.
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    Retro fit 2012 RNS-E navigation MK2

    Hi, If it is not too costly to upgrade, i would sell it on.
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    Retro fit 2012 RNS-E navigation MK2

    Hi ya, How much are you to swap the Mk1 for the Mk2 ? Do you do an exchange basis ? Thanks
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    A4 Convertible - Rear Mudflaps

    Thanks for your help, tried Stoke ages ago and he can get them, but the same part number as below the part number Lincoln Audi gave me is the same 8EC075101 which don't fit (same as i got) however the part number they gave me for the B6 is 8HO075101 Does anyone know on the B6 convertible, is...
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    A4 Convertible - Rear Mudflaps

    I am trying to fit some rear mud flaps on my convertible - can you post a picture of them close up? I have fitted the front fine, however the rears don't look like they will fit? Has anyone fitted the OEM mud flaps before to a convertible? I have been told these are the same for the...
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    3.0TDi Injectors

    A bit more expensive than i thought considering i would replace all 6 .. Will think about it for the future. Thanks for your help. Paul
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    3.0TDi Injectors

    Hi there, I am looking at prices for the 3.0TDi injectors I know 2 are gone, however i think i should replace all 6 to save doing it again. do you have the price for: 059 130 277 BD It's a Mar 06 3.0 TDi A4 Thanks Paul
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    Cabriolet interior in Avant?

    I think the B7 Cab and a4 avant are completely different. The cab seats are built higher and thinner without any structural support like the Avant. I think the front seats will be all that will fit.. sorry
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    Audi A4 Soft Top problem

    VCDS is the audi/vw diagnostic program that will find all the fault codes. From there you can find any issues and parts to fix. I was down in Worcester last weekend and i have VCDS. You just need someone to scan your car to find out.
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    Fuel consumption for a 2005 A4 Avant 3.0 TDI Quattro

    I have been thinking the same since i picked up my 233bhp Cab in April. I always thought there was something wrong as i was never getting more than 35mpg and still the max i have ever had is 37mpg. On here there is people saying that they are reguarly getting into the 40's even sititng at 80+...