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Jan 31, 2017
Dec 1, 2011
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West Mids/North Worcs
Technical Manager - Automotive

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Active Member, from West Mids/North Worcs

VCDS Map User
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Jan 31, 2017
    1. KirrranK
      Just should of mentioned what car i have. It's a Audi A6 Sline on a 2012 plate.
    2. KirrranK
      Hi there. I live in Solihull and work in Redditch. My car's engine management light has come on and was wondering if you're local enough for me to help out with a scan?
    3. General85

      I see you're offering VCDS services, can you please drop me a message, looking to get a few things activated on Golf mk4.
    4. Ady786
      Hi mate i needed cruise control codeing to my 2006 a3 2.0 tdi can you do it if so how much
    5. R200mgr
      Hi Icehanger,

      I saw on a previous post that you have vagcom and are based in Shirley, I have an a4 b6 1.9tdi with the abs and esp light on intermittently and am looking to find out what fault codes are displayed. If you can help me out in exchange for a small fee or some beers it'd be much appreciated =)

      Thanks, Pete
    6. R8NN K
      R8NN K
      Alright Mate,

      Hope all is well on your side! I noticed that you have VCDS and you're quite close to me so I was wondering if you'd be free to enable a few features on my A3 for me? I will of course look after you...

      I'd like to activate the below if possible?
      Alarm Beep (Locking/Unlocking)
      Needle sweep

      I am in Sutton so more than happy to come to you.

      Let me know if possible.


    7. Deano5665
      Hi I've just bought an A5 3.0 tip, would love to know what goodies i can open up with VCD, think I'm not not far from you any chance of a hookup in the near future
      Cheers Dean
    8. Dubby23
      Hi matey seen you got vcds want a few kids done with it alarm bleep etc , I'm in Shirley and will pay for the service let me know thanks
    9. Sangy
      VCDS Maps Install on MMI 3G High

      Hi Mate,

      I seen on the forum that you have VCDS, would you by any chance be able to help with the install of newest maps. I ve been told thatI have 2009 maps which most likely cause some issues so would need to delete the old maps first before installing the new ones.

      I am in West Brom so could come see you.

      Thanks bud

    10. mike-turbo
      Hi there would it be possible to plug in with vagcom my golf plus bluemotion 61 plate please in live in Worcestershire,stourport if so could I have a contact number please .thanks mke.
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    West Mids/North Worcs
    Technical Manager - Automotive

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    2013 A6 Bi T BE Avant
    2010 Skoda Octavia VRS
    Previous Audis:
    S3 BE S-tronic Sportback, TT Tdi BE Quattro, S4 B6 4DR Big fuel bill edition, TT TDi S-line Quattro
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