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    How to retrofit rear centre console USB charging ports

    Good job mate. I currently don't even have the 12v cigarette socket so I suppose I would have to remove it to see of there is any wiring behind it.
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    1.8tfsi opinions/reviews

    I've got a 1.8 TFSI, had it for about 2 years now and now issues with it. Good mpg, decent torque and it has a timing chain not a belt.
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    Top 5 or 10 VAGCOM options

    For No 4, What is the VCDS coding change required to do this ?
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    Don't believe you can
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    Sold Genuine audi rings projector puddle lights

    pictures of items for sale ?
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    Wanted Wanted Genuine VCDS Cable

    A VCDS cable for under £100 ?? good luck as you got no chance unless its a clone.
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    Rear view auto dimming mirror problem

    Get a VCDS scan on your car to see if there are any faults that get picked up
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    Facelift Climate control

    I would be interested to know this too as i experience this aswell
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    Step by Step guide on removal of gaiter and knob?

    Watch the following youtube clip by @tim williams where he shows you how to remove the centre console
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    A3 8V Phone Mount?

    I have one of the following
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    Flexible service but car flashes inspection needed

    VCDS should be able to change it, check out the VCDS user map and see if anyone is near you
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    Activate parking display on MMI

    As yours is a FL and you don’t have front sensors, I’m afraid I don’t think it’s possible. I can still give it a go if you want, if it don’t work then no charge Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Activate parking display on MMI

    i live in leicester if you can make it to me
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    Activate parking display on MMI

    it can be done PFL, i did my brother car and he only has rear sensors.
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    For Sale Lo suspension brand new lowering springs

    @Sandra can this be moved to the classified section please