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    Should i get a Golf Rallye? Will it be more fun than my S3?

    No way, I'd keep the S3 and your current Golf! Though i realise the S3 isn't too involving so maybe thats your reasoning?
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    Snow = fun

    Great fun in the snow but don't get too *****, its only as good as its tyres! Mine was better than a 2wd car going up snowy hills etc but there were a couple of occasions where i couldn't even get off my drive...Luckily the Discovery had no problems! This weekend has been more fun on the quad...
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    s3 vs escort cosworth

    I think you got your pics the wrong way around!! :) I think a stage 2 S3 wouldn't have much trouble with a standard Cossie at all. They're not that special these days in standard trim, in fact they're pretty disappointing, but most are modified...Then so are alot of S3's!
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    S3 v clio 172 - Review

    Thats pure greed!!! :)
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    S3 v clio 172 - Review

    Nah think i'll leave it standard, haven't got any cash to spend on it just needed something to commute across country in that handled and went well enough. The only think can be done on these is exhausts filters and map but then it starts sounding all chavvy!!
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    S3 v clio 172 - Review

    Me too, i've always wanted most hot hatches. Sold S3 bought this for half the price and put money in bank so i'm happy! Hope you're pleased with S3, here's my old one...
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    Very common faults these, mine had both too! Nothing to worry about. I used a black marker pen to touch up the climate buttons which seemed to work well!! And I just topped up the washer fluid often!!
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    S3 v clio 172 - Review

    Here ya go. Looks better in the flesh i think. Not as beefy as an S3 but i like its subtle wider front arches. At first i bought this one but only had it 2 days then got my money back...Its rear axle was bent and it was lethal on the road!!
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    S3 v clio 172 - Review

    They're just serviced every 10-15k like the S3 i believe
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    S3 v clio 172 - Review

    Haha, one with its cobwebs blown off!! Actually the guy said it was th ebest he'd seen and couldn't believe how shiny it was!!
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    S3 v clio 172 - Review

    Good replies. I like comparing different cars, but prefer to keep suspension etc standard as i live in such a rural area. My S3 was standard apart from remap and the 172 is completely standard but based on both cars out of the box, 172 definately is the better handler. I was pleased with the...
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    S3 v clio 172 - Review

    Cheers, me too, i like most performance cars but don't get to drive as many as i'd like. Its great when you can compare them back to back on familiar lanes. I'll miss the Audi when the snow comes up here, but i've got the discovery for that!!!
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    FMIC fitted incorporating the 2 SMIC,s

    Now if this was said at the beginning it would have saved alot of typing!!!
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    S3 v clio 172 - Review

    Sold my S3. Sad to see it go but needed a cheaper car so bought a 53 plate renaultsport clio 172. Naturally i've compared it against the S3 along my usual roads (much the same as my previous cars). The Clio has slightly more spec than my S3 had. Auto lights, auto wipers, cruise control, plus...
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    My S3 is very tail happy in the wet on roundabouts

    I'd check tyre tread and pressures plus tracking or other suspension items, sounds great but not right!! They're usually boring safe handlers!