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    TT Problems

    You'd be better off googling for the TT forum, signing up and posting there mate
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    Mk2 TT 2.0tfsi info

    Yeh Baka said 2009 onwards. I was looking at the early 2006/07 and thinking blimey they're a lot of car for not much money (but I definitely want Quattro)
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    Mk2 TT 2.0tfsi info

    Ahh ha Makes sense, thx for a clear and concise answer Baka
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    Mk2 TT 2.0tfsi info

    Sorry guys a bit of a noob question here I'm mildly interested in buying a mk2 TT, and have been scanning AutoTrader etc for a few days. I want Quattro and was looking for the 2.0 tfsi but they all seem to be listed as FWD - is this true? Is it the case then that the only 4WD TT is the 3.2 ? TIA
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    A3 3.2 engine codes difference

    Im looking for some info on the different varients of engines fitted in the 3.2s (mine is BUB) Is there any difference between them? How many different ones are there? Is one preferred over the others?
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    2004 A3 3.2 Quattro instrument cluster randomly losing power

    Check the connectors in the boot, and on the new battery you fitted. Mine used to do something very similar - it always seemed to happen on clicking the central locking, dash/clocks/stereo etc would all reset. And it happened a couple of times while driving (with fog lights on when switching...
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    Intermittent climate control fault?

    Hey all My car has developed an intermittent issue in the past 2 weeks I have a 2004 A3 3.2 and often (not always tho) when I exit the car and lock the central locking, I have noticed the climate control unit powers up momentarily - this then causes the dash clock to reset and also resets my...
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    Not another 3.2 timing chain thread (hope not!)

    After 3 months of ownership, my is averaged to around 28 mpg. My commute is only 10 miles (each way) along decent single carriage A-roads. Get used to bumbling around or visiting the petrol pump
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    Not another 3.2 timing chain thread (hope not!)

    I have a 2004 3.2 with 120k miles on the clock and it does exactly the same. I had a vcds scan done and nothing regarding the engine timing came up (the only thing I had was a weak battery and a knackered lambda sensor)
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    Top London VCDS mapper

    Yep couldn't agree more. I went to visit him for a software update and am well happy with everything done. Worth a visit
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    OEM White Noise Radio fault

    Try one of these - it cured my low volume buzzing/whining issues after fitting a Sony HU into an Audi Bose system.
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    Rear bumper valance options

    I'm confused with all the different options out there, and don't wish to buy something and then find it doesn't fit because a poxy clip is in the wrong place or something silly Will this white rear valance (sportback) fit on my 3 door bumper as pictured ??
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    VCDS scan faults

    Yeh I did check the website and see that, but it said auto gearbox modules, mine is manual... I'll try it and see if it makes a difference next time
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    VCDS scan faults

    Here is my print out
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    VCDS scan faults

    Hi all I have had a VCDS scan on my 2004 A3 3.2 and it has thrown up a few faults - I am now a little confused how to procede - a few of the things are nominal, and I'm not fussed about, also I have fitted an aftermarket head unit, so I'm assuming that is why that has flagged up. 1. 00668 Low...