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    EPC check engine light

    Strange I never picked up on it before but clips on YouTube they come on with ignition on and off with ignition on. Mine go out with engine started.
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    EPC check engine light

    I've looked on YouTube they all gone on but go out. My EPC and check engine only go out when I start the engine.
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    EPC check engine light

    No they don't
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    EPC check engine light

    When ignition is on EPC light and check engine light is on. when engine started they turn off. is this normal?
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    Audi s3 8v brake disc diameter

    Anyone know the front brake disc diameter for 15p Audi s3 8v?
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    Should I buy an S3?

    If money is no problem buy it. Otherwise I'd advise you get something economical and save your money.
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    Epic fail

    I don't know how he could manage that s3 is really safe.
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    Changing front pads Audi s3 8v

    I saw there's a video on YouTube to change front pads but is it the same process on a Audi s3 8v? Is changing front brakes pads the same in all the Audi A3 range s3, RS3 or different process?
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    Changing front brake pads!

    Hi is this the same process for 2015 Audi s3 8v?
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    8v haldex problem

    They said there going to clean it and that should solve the problem.
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    8v haldex problem

    Yeh I had to double check. Done under warenty. But I have to wait till 23rd for parts to come in.
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    8v haldex problem

    Requires to be booked in 4 wheel clutch pump to be taken off and cleaned and oil replaced £928.
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    Questions for golfing S3 owners

    Hatch back is lighter and faster and got more headroom in the back.
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    8v haldex problem

    So my 15 S3 in for haldex problem. It's common fault which Audi should address because it's dangerous because your driving a front wheel drive car when you think it's a 4 wheel drive. I had it serviced and Audi should have diagnosied it but never. Been doing this for a year and there's me...
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    First Drive of an 8V

    You lucky I've handed my car today and got a1 I'm 6ft 3 18 stones how funny I look.