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    ******** - somebody hit my car

    One tip I heard from someone in the trade is that they must eventually come to an agreement with you BUT that if you do not agree the payout is the total value of the car, i.e. you take it as compensation and not the value of the car then they cannot total loss your car. This is because they...
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    Ebay Intercoolers for S4/RS4

    I know I am talking to myself but these are coming up again and again for auction so I will share my final bits of info. These are the same as Project B5 are selling for $625 BUT they are just cheapo ebay coolers and are going for $180 in the US. They are the same as the CX racing Revision 2...
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    S4 100cpi or 200 cat

    I'd have to check. I beleive the distance from the engine to the cat also makes a difference as its what heats the cat up and increases its efficiency. If anyone with an S4 has any experience of 100cpi that would be proof enough for me. From what I have read the 200 cpi is prefered for the...
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    S4 100cpi or 200 cat

    Done a few searches and have decided on the XS power ebay exhaust down pipes but they come with 200cpi cats whereas Zinram and Miltek have 100cpi. Is 100 cpi enough for a UK MoT and to keep the error code light off? I am going to look at welding a flexi in place so was thinking I might just...
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    Ebay Intercoolers for S4/RS4

    Delivered today. Much smaller than the AWE units, about the same size as an RS4 unit but with less surface area. The volume is made up with the depth which is 3 inches. I am quite happy for £103, even the buy it now price is ok given its for a pair. They look just like any other cheap...
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    Ebay Intercoolers for S4/RS4

    Bumping a really old thread but I just won a set of these on ebay for one pint of beer over £100, brand new, I could not resist. I did a lot of reading after posting this the first time around and these units (that the Chineese have copied) were designed for the Ameraican market where they dont...
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    VCDS no longer working

    Without making assumtions about the legitimacy of your kit have you done the basic tests like checked the PC can see the dongle? Go to device manager and plug it in/unplug it with it open, you should see a device (probably a serial adapter) coming up and going off. My ebay dongle (for the lite...
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    How to adjust actuator pressure !!

    Dont see any problems with an MBC myself. I and many others have them on an MR2 and they wok just fine and are not a 'pikey' solution. They are infact better than *******ising the rod as they will also remove wastegate creap.
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    why is my DIS doing what its doing

    I bought a cheap one from China for £35 and its still going strong 2 years on and looks fine. I used lots of flux when I solderedt to keep any bridges at bay. Use a heat gun to de solder the old unit.
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    Lite interface ?

    Sorry for a late reply. The ebay £6 ones are not copies they are genuine cables which work with the lite software. I bought one to reset my airbag light which cannot do any harm as its just doing the same as 101 other different fault code readers. The limitations of the dongle are only what...
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    Aircon - self recharge or professional aircon service?

    I have used both recently. Kwik fit are pretty good, its fully automated so they just stick the machine on which vacuums it out then refils it. If it wont hold vacuum then it fails and they dont charge you. They have a policy that if it does not lower the temperature of the coldest vent by 10...
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    Does a remap increase MPG or not?

    It depends on the map, there is no fixed answer. More torque does not equal more mpg if there is more fuel used to get that torque. You will only see a benefit in MPG if the car is mapped to run leaner at certain RPM's which some tuners will do to give you a best of both worlds map.
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    CV boot quality question

    Just bought genuine audi today, over twice the price of the factors boot but they could not get one in until Tuesday. Factors boot comes with a bolt, Audis does not and its £12 extra making an Audi boot 3 times the cost, will it last 3 times loger?
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    18" merc sl63 alloys

    Use this and try to find a size that matches. Dont put 205/40 on the back its narrower and lower than the fronts and will look very odd. Alloy Wheels & Tyres for sale: for Cars, Motorhomes, Vans & 4x4s: Best UK prices with TYRESAVE. Also part-worn tyres When I looked at stagered 18's I found...
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    oil catch can install

    I'm not overly familiar with the audi setup but yes you should block off the hole in the throttle intake pipe and then run the blow off from the crank case to the catch can. There are usually 2 pipes to the crank case, one will be at atmospheric presure and filtered to draw air into the crank...