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    Success, sent my mec unit away to get repaired, p1604 was the fault code internal control module failure, took it off the car, sent it down to ecutesting, they repaired the unit, internal hybrid board in the ecu was the fault. Got it back on the motor today, serviced the gearbox, performed the dsg adaption process, the gears still flash on the dash but everythings working, trip-tronic and changing gears a lot smoother. keeps coming up with 01087 perform basic settings, does anyone know how to clear these codes or have i perforned the procedure wrong as i've read the ross tech dsg adaption is for 2005 onwards dsg units. any help would be great, could live with it but cant see what gear i'm in when i'm using the paddles or quick shift
    Hi again. What adaption part are you having trouble with as there is a few. If its just the clutch adaption on the road test i would not worry about it as it will adapt itself in time. Just run it for a few days and do a recheck for codes
    alright, aye my mate at the garage phoned up audi and he was able to order all the stuff required was £225ish for everything. He got the filling tool aswell. I'll keep that in mind for the future, fingers crossed this is the problem and i'll be able to get it out on the road again. Cheers Mike
    Hi mate just got your message. Aye you will be able to buy the oil and filter from any dealer. as to the filling tool...probably but i have know idea how much it is. What i would do is take out the drain plug, take out the 6mm hex level tube inside the drain hole. Let it drain. Refit the tube and drain plug. Remove the air filter housing, locate the black gearbox oil filter housing, remove filter, then fill the gearbox from there. (think its 5 litres). refit filter and run to the correct temp. While still running, remove the drain plug and let the excess drain off. Sorted. Cant remember if i asked you where you stayed cus i do work outside my 9-5 if you were interested. Ross
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