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    Facelift REVO RF019’s

    Daytona Grey, fully de chromed with black badges.
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    Facelift REVO RF019’s

    These are my actual wheels, garage took the photos the days i got the tyres fitted. Going on my A3 saloon next week once i have ceramic coated them
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    Pfl saloon vs fl saloon rear bumper

    Thanks for the replies, i have tried to buy one from the webpage but when you get to the page where you put your address. The UK isnt listed on their site. Has anyone bought anything direct from the site in Germany?
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    Pfl saloon vs fl saloon rear bumper

    i have had a look on there website but can only find the s3/rs3 for the facelift unless i am missing something obvious
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    Pfl saloon vs fl saloon rear bumper

    Hi all just after some clarification, i am want to upgrade the rear diffuser on my A3 sline saloon (which is a facelift version) but i am struggling to find a diffuser which is listed for the facelift (after 2016) my question is, is there any difference between the sline bumper on a pfl and a...
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    A3 8v saloon chrome window trim

    I had my chrome trim on my A3 saloon wrapped with gloss black vinyl. Think it was about £100, had a go myself first but kept getting bits of dirt stuck underneath it as a didn’t have a clean wind free place to do it. Hence a paid someone else to do it. Took them just over an hour.
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    Snow foam gun/lance recommendations

    second that. Bought one and 2 x polar blast snow foam. Just need the rain to stop to give it a go.
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    Goodbye Vauxhall (sort of), well hello Audi S3

    Just read through this, you do some amazing work. can I ask how much the retro fits costs for your S3 including vagpro supplying the parts. The retro fits you got them do do are the exact ones i want done on my car.
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    What Car Care / Detailing Have You Done Today ?

    Gave glass polishing a go with the new Rayon glass polishing pads. Obviously practiced on the wifes vw polo to see how it goes and before a let loose on my car. day light was fading so will have a proper look at the finished results tomorrow
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    I need some advice! Audi S3

    Double post
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    I need some advice! Audi S3

    Audi quoted me £478 for rear disks and pads on my A3. I laughed and said no thanks, went to the audi garages own parts department bought genuine disks and pads off them for about £110 a think then went to a local garage and he charged me £40 to change them over. So I definitely wouldn’t be...
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    Glass Polishing.....

    Hi all, been looking into the prospect of machine polishing my windscreen to try and get rid of the wiper marks and a couple of other fine scratches which show up on a bright day. i have seen the “Lake County Rayon glass pads” has anyone used these or have even polished the windscreen/windows...
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    Which engine- 1.4TSI vs 2.0TDI vs 1.6TDI

    I have owed my 1.4tfsi saloon for over 3 years now, came from a golf r. I find it very nice to drive especially with the 7 speed dsg. My work journey is 40mile round trip on motorways, and sat with the cruise control on (due to average speed camera most of the way) i am getting over 60mpg...
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    Apple carplay issues

    Do you have one in your own car? How much data are you using a month roughly?
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    Apple carplay issues

    i have checked and i do have a slot for a sim card i. The glove box in between the two Sd card slots. Can i buy a standard sim card or does it have to be a specific type from audi?