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    End of Warranty Check - common warranty claims

    Coolant leaks were certainly a common issue on the 2.0tfsi engine. The petrol S4 has a reputation for chocolate thermostats. Doesn't usually leak everywhere so I don't know how easy it is to spot. First sign is fans running full speed the whole time and temp gauge 1 notch over normal. Mine...
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    Thinking of an S4 Avant

    If there's no number buttons the car hasn't got memory seats. They weren't standard when I bought mine. Annoyingly they were "only" £200...but required £350 folding/dimming/memory mirrors to be added as well!
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    S4 Annoying noise inside car when cornering

    Is it the front passenger seatbelt banging against the side of the seat? I had to stick some felt on the seat in my car to stop it - very annoying!
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    Thinking of an S4 Avant

    I haven't driven a BiTDI but compared to an A6 TDI 272, a petrol S4 feels much quicker and sounds far better (in sport mode of course). The 272 isn't slow, but feels it after driving the S4 because it's so quiet and undramatic.
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    Thinking of an S4 Avant

    Suspect S6's are rare because new the BiTDI wasn't far off performance wise (C7 at least) and if you didn't want a diesel the S4 was cheaper! S4 is a great car, but if you're worried about mpg it's probably not the one for you! [emoji1787] I get mid-high teens in traffic and low-mid 20s in...
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    Does the (B9) S4 come with folding mirrors as standard?

    I don't but have a search of the forum and I'm sure there will be a few discussions on FL changes. I do know FL cars ditched the MMI control wheel and went touchscreen only (in a car not designed for touchscreen; why Audi, why?) [emoji849]. That's one way to spot a FL car!
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    Does the (B9) S4 come with folding mirrors as standard?

    PFL cars definitely did not have them as standard. Don't know about FL cars but Audi chop and change standard spec year on year which doesn't help.
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    False Alarm Activation

    Good choice. If it is a software fault the specialist patrol should be able to do the update for you.
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    False Alarm Activation

    I had a similar problem and it turned out to be a known issue - Audi assist came out and fixed it with a software update. Note that an AA guy scanned the car first and couldn't find any codes on his reader - it only showed up in the OEM Audi diagnostic tool when Audi Assist scanned it.
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    B9 S4 - Car making a loud humming noise…

    Yes, that's the next stage after fan noise. I say this as an S4 owner on his third thermostat [emoji25] If you have Audi assist it's worth calling them - may allow you to get the car booked in earlier.
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    B9 S4 - Car making a loud humming noise…

    If it's the TFSI it'll probably be a failed thermostat. Almost a standard fault on this engine - search the forum for more info [emoji846]
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    Questions about future car(?)

    I'd say allow £300/year servicing at a main dealer - some years will be more some less. As said, post the (2017?) £40k+ rule change, vehicle tax carries a £310 "because we can" premium for 5 years after first registration (making it £475-ish), then it drops down to normal from year 6. The S4...
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    Just changed from A4 B8 Avant to B9 Avant

    You're correct that S-Line models have firmer suspension and (probably) larger wheels, which affect ride, but adaptive suspension isn't standard. On a manual, drive select will change the throttle response and that's about it! The car will probably feel less sluggish in Dynamic mode, but the...
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    Start/Stop system fault

    After getting a replacement thermostat in 2019 the same symptoms have come back today - temp one notch over normal, fans running full and start/stop fault on dash. Not happy!
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    Google Earth/Satellite Maps

    Can't remember when MY's changeover but my S4 was first registered in Dec 2017.