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    elec window diagrama3

    Hi thanks for the reply it was a steel cable just hanging in the doorlooked as though it had snapped from somewere as it was throwing it down i just put it back together cheers Ian
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    elec window diagrama3

    Hi as per the title i have searched the forum and cannot find diagrams of 8p model a3 sline just wondered if anyone has a pic off inside the door of a a3 sline 05 elsawin type diagrams my drivers side elec window has stopped working ,removed the door card tested motor works fine what i did see...
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    Price /part Nos Disc pads A3 1.6

    Thanks for that will ring and order cheers Ian
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    Price /part Nos Disc pads A3 1.6

    PM sent thanks dave
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    Price /part Nos Disc pads A3 1.6

    Hi as per title wear light is now illuminated nead price/part nos for pads for 1.6 a3 any help appreciated Ian
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    Will My Car Pass It's MOT With These Plates

    Dont think it will pass as its a show plate incorrect spacing and no postcode from whever made the plate rendering it illigal but as said depends who the tester is, but they are getting a bit more strickter with number plates as are police
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    Canon 500D or Nikon D5000

    so at the end of the day its down to your choice Nikon or canon. only thing i would do is buy the best body you can afford then add lenses later as and when you require them and also by then you will know what lenses you need let us know what you buy
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    Canon 500D or Nikon D5000

    Have to say i dont have much experience with nikon but dont think they have the same amount of is lenses that interchange throughout the range and price i have a spare 450d that i would be willing to borrow you if if you like so you can try one before you buy dont know were you are though...
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    Canon 500D or Nikon D5000

    Just my two penneth got to be canon all the way once youve bought your lenses you just need to buy bodys only as there so upgradable also just bought a canon g11 could be an option for you cheers Ian
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    VW vcds warning alarm

    Hi i have a vw caddy with a very annoying warning when going down hill or just going steady i get a handbrake flashing on the dash and a annoying buzzer does anyone know what its called as i cannot find it to switch it off in vcds any help appreciated Ian
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    Parrot Bluetooth Kit

    Had mine fitted by a mobile fitter no problems at all best one iv,e used with i phone, have a nokia kit in my van and its **** with iphone Ian
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    Double Din cage c\w climate

    Asper title for sale in classifieds thought i,d offer to members first before the bay cheers Ian:sign_plug:
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    No access to site all day yesterday?

    No No No No-if its you bye
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    RNS-E Glossy screen .

    could you let me know the seller if its off the bay as i,m lookig for one and ill prob get yours cheers Ian:whistle2:
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    Help keys won't synchronize

    is this just one motor not working or all as you you shouldnt have to re sync unless its a 2000+ model, can bus system,possible probs could be motor not suited to your car ,or a blown fuse cheers Ian