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Mar 21, 2017
Jun 27, 2011
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Member, from Manchester

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Mar 21, 2017
    1. Acer458
      Hi mate just fitted cruise control in Audi A4 B8, was hoping you could hook me up with activating it with vcds?
    2. Toonbaba
      Hi mate
      Hope your well. Not sure if you have vcds or simiaor access to help me out here. my Audi A4 has the driver passenger light (amber) staying on. I anticipate this may need a reset and could have been caused by me changing the seat (and thus replugging the yellow airbag cable). Do you reckon you may be able to help with this ? Thank you very much
    3. georgyporgye
      Hi mate,got a RNS-E Mk I unit from ebay that shows SW: X--- version! Can you help with upgrading the firmware 0650 or 0660 version?
      I'm only round the corner from you,Chapel-en-le-Frith.Cheers.George
    4. Nolan1990
      Hi my audi a4 2.0tdi is smoking on start up with slight misfire, but when warmed runs OK, are you able to correct the timing. In through vcds? I'm in Bolton please
    5. Niz Patel
      Niz Patel
      Hi mate

      Seeing if you can do a fee mods on my A4 2014? I'm in Bolton so I can come to you.
    6. me77or
      Hi Heisenberg

      Are you able to help clear my airbag fault code? I removed the glovebox last weekend but didn't realise it'd cause the abs circuit to show a fault ,which now needs clearing for the airbag to work again.

      I'm only in Wilmslow. Beer tokens available.....


    7. ammo-mcr
      hi there , do you still have vcds ? looking to check for fault codes
    8. Raul_sbd
      Hi Paul, I've recently picked up an A3 Sportback (8v chassis) and would like some VCDS changes doing, easy ones as sweep needle, oil temp showing and burp when opening.. I'm down the road in Sale. Could you let me know if you can help, and how much you will charge?
    9. robotron
      Can you help me please? I'm sick of Dealers trying to rip me off.

      A4 b7 170 - Intermittent glow plug light and loss of power. Could you scan for codes?

      Beer tokens ready if need be!


    10. Surfer101
      Hi, just wondering if you can help me. I have a a3 1.8t (aum) and its not running right and no one can seem to pin point the problem. Could you possible have a look at it for me? I'm not far from you so when ever is convenient for you.

      Thanks in advance..
    11. Matthew_S3
      Great bloke, highly recommend him for VCDS mods!
      1. Heisenberg likes this.
      2. Heisenberg
        Thanks Matthew was great meeting you :)
        Oct 18, 2015
    12. obied khalid
      obied khalid
      Hey I have tried so many people to fit an aux in a concert lll but People are too far away so I was wondering if you are able to fix an aux lead in to the head unit so i am able to use android phone to listen to music
    13. OriginalShunt
      Hey I was just wondering if you could read the error codes on my A3 8P and perhaps also discuss a couple of VCDS mods with me, I'm a paying customer of course and I am close by with me being in Chorley. Please get back to me ASAP, thanks very much.
      1. Heisenberg
        Hi that's not a problem mate, send me a pm and we can arrange a date to do this for you, thanks Paul
        May 5, 2015
    14. Jack99
      Hi Heisenberg,
      I was installing a bluetooth kit in my A3 and set the airbag light off because I unplugged the airbag switch.
      I was wondering if you would be able to simply turn the airbag warning light on the instrument cluster off.
      Thanks Jack
      1. Heisenberg
        Hi jack,

        Send me a pm and we can organise to meet up.

        Thanks Paul
        Apr 23, 2015
    15. Joshs1
      Hi pal! Been looking to get a couple of vcds thing done for ages and couldn't fine anyone. Iv got an Audi s1 from lancs and just looking for auto fold mirrors on lock and to activate the screen for the rear sensors? Let me know if you can help? My email is josh@detailbros.co.uk
      1. Heisenberg
        Hi Josh, I will have a look online and see if it is something I can do, not worked on any s1/a1 before. I will then pm you the details.

        Thanks Paul
        Apr 16, 2015
      2. Joshs1
        I finish work tomorrow at half 3 and I can head straight over. I'll be coming from Blackburn so about half an hour away?
        Apr 16, 2015
    16. Shogun
      Hi mate, just wondering if you could help at all coding some new headlights into my Audi b8, non s line, to s line
      My email is simontipton@googlemail.com if you can help, I'm in the bolton area
      1. Heisenberg
        Hi mate, drop me a pm if you still need the headlights coding.

        Thanks Paul
        Apr 13, 2015
    17. Nick Sutton
      Nick Sutton
      Hi Paul, I've recently picked up an A3 Sportback (8v chassis) and would like some VCDS changes doing,, I'm down the road in Didsbury. Could you let me know if you can help, and what currency you accept!

      1. Heisenberg
        Hi Nick sorry for the late reply been hectic at work, if you still need the bits doing just pm me and will arrange a day and discuss details.

        Thanks Paul
        Jan 23, 2015
    18. breakingbad95
      Hi mate, Im looking to get a few things added onto my audi a1 2014. Mirror dip, Needle sweep and DRL on after unlock. I only live down the road in Chorley and willing to pay the cost of this service, many thanks, Luke
      1. Neil2014 likes this.
      2. Heisenberg
        Hi Luke, when is the best time for you to have this done? I'm free all this week if that's any good.

        Kind regards,

        Dec 15, 2014
    19. Neil2014
      Could you possible help me out, my emissions light has come on and I am told that VCDS will find a fault code so I can find out the issue. Where would I buy one from or know where I could get it done in our area? Thanks
      1. Heisenberg
        NHN is the man to contact for buying a vcds cable :)
        Dec 15, 2014
    20. peaky83
      Hi bud,

      I wondered if you'd help me out... I want to re-code a couple of things on my A3 8P (2004 2.0 TDI Sport), I want the doors to lock when I go over 10mph and to unlock when I remove the key from the ignition, Enable seatbelt chime, Enable selective unlocking, all of which I found in a guide. Would you help me with this using your VagCom please?

      Kind regards,

      1. Heisenberg
        Hi Dan,

        That's not a problem can have a look at doing that for you, drop me a pm and will organise a day to do this.

        Thanks Paul
        Mar 20, 2015
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