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    My Audi A5 S5 Coupe Mods

    He's tinted the front windows as well, factory privacy glass is always the glass behind the driver/front passenger, never the drivers door glass or windscreen, anything darker than the standard glass which is already slightly tinted is illegal, don't take my word for it...
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    My Audi A5 S5 Coupe Mods

    Completely illegal and will get you pulled over and will also invalidate your insurance in the event of an accident.
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    Bye bye s5...

    Why get a nasty oil burner if you do such low mileage?
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    Wireless CarPlay

    Do you lose any sound quality on music when you go wireless car play, the sound quality between Bluetooth audio and when I plug my phone into the car with a cable is profound so I always go the cable route, wondered if Apple carplay wireless might be different as it's using wireless not...
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    My Audi A5 S5 Coupe Mods

    Agreed he's gone one Kappa tracksuit too far with that for sure and completely ruined it, I thought the white lettering on the tyres was a phototshop wind up to start with. Complete Gash, I'm sure it impresses lots of 12 year old boys in Southall though
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    Is the rear windscreen on Avant frost resistant?

    Frost resistant glass lol, that's up there with tartan paint
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    What Tyre For My S5 Sportback

    Pilot 4S for the Summer Continental WinterContact TS860S for Winter Quattro does not help you stop or steer in the snow on summer tyres
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    Any way to make indicator clicks louder?

    I prefer them quieter like in an Audi personally, I don't need them clonking away every time I make a turn
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    Any way to make indicator clicks louder?

    BMW are definitely louder
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    Dancing Matrix LEDs in fog

    Mine do illuminate the road sings which I found odd after having a BMW 440i with adaptive and it always moved the light around the road sings as I presumed the reflections made it think it was an oncoming light source, ie another vehicle
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    Fitted new wheels today.

    That looks superb, when you lower it will you need to remove the spacers or are the tyres still inside the arch
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    Fitted new wheels today.

    Thanks, got any pictures since you added the spacers? 10.5 inch is pretty wide
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    Fitted new wheels today.

    Those new 20" looks very nice, what make and size are they in terms of width and offset?
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    2017 S5 Coupe - What Temp does your car run at?

    I've had mine up to 115C after a good hooning but it quickly comes down again as you resume a more sedate pace