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    rumble from sub.

    Poor Earth on the amp and poor signal cable would result in that - especially if it happens more on turn on / off. Shakey rumble when on and a pop when turned off. A humming is usually from interferance, which is normally down to poor quality Phono Leads.
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    wow... i want 1

    Is there a 'Shed of the week' type page on this site?
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    Paint Code... Help!

    SNAP. Who though of putting that in the ****** boot, any way? Case closed. Cheers!
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    Best Short Joke Award

    A man's laying in bed with his new Thai wife, she keeps stroking his **** and he says, "You like that a lot, don't you?" She replies, "No, I just miss mine!"
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    Best Short Joke Award

    A man goes to a 24 hour garage, he walks up to the outside counter and says to the girl inside, "Can I have a Kit Kat Chunky..." She goes off and returns with a Kit kat Chunky. The man replies, "NO, I wanted a normal Kit Kat, you fat c*nt!"
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    Best Short Joke Award

    I just came out of a chippie and there was a tramp on the floor outside. He said, "I haven't eaten for 2 days..." I said, "I wish I had your will power!"
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    Best Short Joke Award

    Police are investigating after a man was found dead, having drowned in his bowl of Mueseli. They believe he was pulled in by a strong currant.
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    Paint Code... Help!

    I need to find the paint code for my R reg 2.8Q but can't find it anywhere on the car. 1. Where can I find it, or, 2. Does anyone know the code for my car? The colour is that blue/purple metallic colour that changes from blue to purple in the sun. I think it was only as an optional extra at...
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    Where abouts are you?

    Goodwood track day?
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    lowering springs please help

    I think they're different as I've just spent ages hunting for a set for my 2.8 Q Saloon before finally finding somewhere that did them.
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    The BEST car ever produced?

    Very nice but anything that's not 'general public' Stuff is generally driven by knobs But I Can't See any footballers having one of these. So it Could be worse. Coolest car ever? Mass produced motoring to the public and although not fast compared to this, it feels it!
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    BMW z3 M Coupe?

    Absolute Gash. Money can't buy you taste...
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    New Audi TT

    Why have one when the S5 is So much classier! The new ones ok but you know who's going to Spoil it...
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    escort rs1800

    I'd rather have a Mk1 and Stick 2 fingers up to the Government as they're Tax Exempt!
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    Lotus Elise