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    A4 b6 steering wheel conversion

    Thanks for the advise but I could still fit a b7 wheel without an airbag?
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    A4 b6 steering wheel conversion

    Hi all merry Christmas I'm looking to put a later model steering wheel as an upgrade could someone advise the best place to get it fitted and which is the best suitable for for an A4 2002 many thanks:laugh:
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    A4 1.8t SPORT

    Hi all, just wanted to check the recommended oil for the engine I've been told 5W 30 is the best to use?:racer:
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    Cam adjuster gasket

    That's good to hear thanks for your valuable advise is the special tool easily available? :faint:
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    Cam adjuster gasket

    Hi there, I have an a4 1.8t sport I had the rocker gasket changed but just noticed on a report from 4 rings that the cam adjuster gasket needs changing is it an easy fit? Thanks in advance :meeting:
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    A4 to S4 bumper

    I did this to my a4 just a straight swap over no extras to be fitted
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    ADI convoy list....South East

    Will be leaving early hours Saturday morning if anyone's meeting up:thumbsup:
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    ADI Hotel premier inn Chippenham wilts

    Yes will be there last year was a good turn out:hubbahubba:
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    in and around the M25 ring meets

    Yes will be there:blackrs4:
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    ADI m25 south mimms services convoy!

    Is it bad mate:motz:
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    ADI m25 south mimms services convoy!

    Yes will do:yahoo:
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    ADI m25 south mimms services convoy!

    I will be up for this be good to meet up