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    Rear wiper

    Hi RC944, Glad guide useful :) . Since doing this in May 2013 I haven't had to replace PTFE tape or do any further work or had an issue with wiper motor. IIRC it was a snug fit between nipple and shaft. HTH Gup
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    Audi A6 C6/4F V6 TDI Fuel Filter Change Guide

    Great guide Chris :) . I filled my fuel filter before fitting new, IIRC I also slacked the bleed nut on fuel filter when running VCDS just to aid any air to be pushed out.
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    EPB without VCDS

    I agree but you will hear a change in the sound of the motor. Toff did full instructions, Link:- This member manually wound his one back, IIRC the facelift 2009-11...
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    EPB without VCDS

    Know someone who did this on an A6 (4F/C6) but another forum and no issues.
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    parking brake issue

    As you had so much bits replaced perhaps try to get the EPB module updated? You do have the older SW part number from looking at your VCDS log, revision is higher than TSB. It may even be worthwhile (cheaper than SW update @ Audi) to get another EPB module from ebay, what year and model is your...
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    A6 C6 Rear LED light conversion

    IMO this thread a good one for saloon pre facelift to facelift LED tail light conversion (Post 7 is a must read) Link:-
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    A6 C6 Rear LED light conversion

    I've sent you my external email ...
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    Anybody know why my car remote does this ?

    Sorry thought you had VCDS ... Perhaps you can find an ASN member on the map/section in here Link:-
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    Anybody know why my car remote does this ?

    Perhaps viewing MVB 11 in module 05 will help? Measured value block 11: Bit 7 ...<--... Bit 0 '0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0' 1. Remote control key '0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0' (Bit 7-4: (0 = ID sender unknown); Bit 3: Battery (1 = Low); Bit 2: open; bit 1: Rear; Bit 0: close) 2. RRC (command from J518 on CAN)...
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    Anybody know why my car remote does this ?

    When it flashes like that its to signal out of range. Perhaps try new battery?
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    Juddering when on full lock

    Perhaps Slim91 is having more than the normal noise/small judder/vibration? Why I say this is that he states it fine the opposite way at full lock.
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    3.0tdi Slow to start in the mornings

    This thread has some info about it, Link:- Post 9 of above linked thread have test method. Post 3 has some info on the other valves/sensors on common rail, if you had issues with any...
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    A6 what transmission to go for

    Early V6 TDi's have a poorly produced chain tensioner, have poorer produced injectors. If you go 07 onwards better V6 TDi's in that respect.
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    A6 what transmission to go for

    Multitronic fitted to a 2.0 or non quattro 2.7 are reliable if the gearbox has had oil/filter change every 40k miles without a gap. My view is there's more of them about so more threads with faults on them? I rarely seen threads or posts of people stating wow it's been x mileage/ownership time...