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    Interior door handle lights

    They change when I change the interior lights.
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    Interior door handle lights

    I have them and they’re controlled by the MMI on mine. If I change brightness for door cards etc it changes the handle LEDs as well. my car is a 2016 so probably something Audi has removed to scrimp on costs as per.
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    Help! Central display?

    Mine had a few marks likes this. Nothing as bad but overtime I can only imagine it getting worse.
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    Mmi is confusing me

    May possibly depend on other items in the spec. High nav or something possible. I didn’t know of any early B9s with SOS unless spec’d additionally.
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    Mmi is confusing me

    Have a look when the car was first registered and it should give a rough idea.
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    Mmi is confusing me

    It depends on the build date. My B9 is a very early build March 2016 and it doesn’t have embedded sim.
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    OBD11 activation of options and tweaks.

    I’ve done a few things on mine with Carista Beep on lock / unlock Rear DRLs - a must for me as it looks awesome Auto high beam - great feature and works surprisingly well. I couldn’t get Lane assist to work for me and I’ve not seen anything relating to ad blue or parking break.
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    New to the A4 - questions

    If you like that new car smell which is very solvent based (glue and leather) I urge you to try chemical guys new car smell air freshener. This is the closest thing I’ve ever found to getting my car to smell like that. 2/3 squirts on each floor Matt and you’re set.
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    Mmi is confusing me

    Three also do sum cards. I’ve got one in mine 12GB and it lasts a year for about £28 I think used about 1GB since September.
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    Post your B9 eBay, Classified and For Sale links in here. Do not create a thread

    A4 B9 steering wheel For sale after upgrade to a FBSW
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    Rear Number Plate

    Remove the foam. Use a toffee wheel to take it off.
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    Audi sound system with 10 speakers

    Interested in plug and play subwoofer for saloon if anyone has any suggestions
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    What did you & your B9 do today?

    Not today but yesterday. Why does it look black in every photo :-( Full decon 2 bucket wash Clay Polish 2 x coats of Collinite 476S
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    B9 A4 steering wheel swap

    Sorry I meant without paddles.
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    B9 A4 steering wheel swap

    The one you have linked will fit. button set is different but you can just swap them over when you change wheel. Im trying to hunt a flat bottom as well but with paddles. Not having much success.