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    Facelift due

    Just been to enquire about changing my 2003 B6 and was told that a facelift for the B7 is due at end of year with new model to follow in 2008. Will make no difference to me unless I win the lottery!
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    Sidelight replacement with LED's

    Mine are from also try Waks web site as he has the ba9s in his tt, drop him a line he may be able to help you.
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    Sidelight replacement with LED's

    I have LED sidelights in my A4 they are modifed ba9s but you can now get h6w fitment. Mine work ok along side my xenons but i do not have DIS on the car. They would not work in my wifes A3 which has DIS.The bulbs are also a h5w fitting.
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    Alloy wheel refurb

    Thanks had SEM recommended called them and they quoted me £50 per wheel and 5-6 days think I will go with them.
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    Alloy wheel refurb

    Has anybody had their wheels done,and how much was it? My wife had my A4 while I had her A3, she manged to badly kerb both my near side wheels .I managed to get her A3 fixed plus cleaned. The Doctors say that she should make a full recovery . . . !!!
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    Appears the 1.6 S-Line is now available, who's first in the queue?!!!!

    Theres nothing wrong with the 16 I would not say it is super slow. My wife has an A3 16 fsi sport which is very nice.
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    S line Special Editions have started then?

    Dandle Just cancel the car same happened to me with my A4 ,car was on order I had paid £1400 for the GMBH kit. Then before delivery they made it a free option so I asked for money off they said no at first but when I said I would cancel order losing my deposit £500 Audi UK paid half and the...
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    Electric windows on rear doors part of option pack

    Mine were £200+ as a option on a 2003 190 sport. Se cars should have them as standard
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    Audi Driver International 22nd Oct. Who's going?

    I got second place in the Audi driving experience beaten by 2 tenths of a second.Had a great day out.
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    Audi Driver International 22nd Oct. Who's going?

    [ QUOTE ] yeah i goto shows every month and even more so during summer.. i do all the vw shows etc. air and water basicly as many as i can get too.. [/ QUOTE ] Were you at Harewood hse Leeds
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    HELP! Squeeking seats!

    Had same problem with my drivers seat.It took two attempts for them to fix, it was a spring that had come off.
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    Audi Driver International 22nd Oct. Who's going?

    I am taking the whole family along the inlaws usally come as well but not sure if they are this year.I will be traveling from j19 M5 area on saturday.
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    Audi Driver International 22nd Oct. Who's going?

    I am coming down from Newcastle staying at mother in laws. It use to takes me around five hours but a bit longer now with baby to consider.Hope to see you all there.
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    Audi driver day C Combe

    I should make it down.
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    Recommend an insurance Company

    Iam to old to mention full ncd and now with adrian flux for just over £400.I was with liverpool royal but they cancelled my policy after exhaust mod.Not many company's will cover modified cars.