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    EGR Delete question

    I was using a sophisticated code reader/computer and it was saying my egr gases are double what the car wanted. Would that reduced help do you think?
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    Blue/grey smoke on hard acceleration - 1.6 53 plate

    Is it burning oil? Have you checked the new plugs to see if they're covered in oil too?
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    EGR Delete question

    My egr valve is playing up. Is it possible to delete the software using vcds? I understand it can be done through remapping but I don't want to go that route if possible. Thanks.
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    Pully or new alternator

    Just change the clutch pulley mate there's nothing wrong with your alternator. I changed mine and had thousands more miles and counting so far.
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    Tick over high revs

    Mine does this sometimes. It'll tickover at 1k. If I drive for a bit it'll sort itself out so I haven't worried about it.
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    Audi A3 2.0 TDI Funny noise in gearbox........ Also Hey all Great site

    Sounds like worn lay shaft bearings. Mine did it and ended up having the gearbox removed for a rebuild. Out a new clutch and flywheel in it whilst it was in bits. Next time you're driving it try this, slightly rest your foot on the clutch pedal (not enough so clutch slips) then blip the...
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    Strange clutch or gearbox fault. Can anyone help?

    Hi just thought id update you on this. Basically I have had the gearbox stripped and rebuilt, new dual mass flywheel, clutch kit and slave cylinder. The problem was the layshaft bearings in the gearbox causing the whole lot to move side to side when accelerating and decelerating. Thus causing...
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    Strange clutch or gearbox fault. Can anyone help?

    Thanks for the help. I will give that a go over the next few days. If that's no go then I guess I'll have it all replaced and hopefully cures it.
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    Bkd 140 hybrid

    What kind of power are you achieving with the hybrids?
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    Looking to hybrid my 170 quattro

    Sounds like a poor map. Also talk to darkside developments. Those boys know there stuff.
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    Strange clutch or gearbox fault. Can anyone help?

    Hi all. My cat is a 2.0 tdi bkd engine code 2005 model. It's done 148k and had the clutch, flywheel, slave and master cylinder replaced 47k ago. The symptoms are sometimes lack of clutch pressure when revs are lower. Sometimes it gets stuck in 1st or reverse and the biting point can vary...
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    Best panel filter for a3 2.0TDI

    Just a standard decent oem quality filter is better than he aftermarket ones. They are often caked in oil to help filter the air although this oil can get onto your MAF and ruin it.
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    ASN 17th November meet at Maidstone Audi

    Hi guys I'm going to have to withdraw from this meet. Something last minute has popped up which I can't really get out of. Car has been washed and polished today as well! Oh well, hope you all have a good time and I'll pop back tomorrow evening for the photos :-)
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    ASN 17th November meet at Maidstone Audi

    1. Kwistof (Chris) - noggy blue S3 8L 2. Graham89 - A3 8P TDI 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20.
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    Need Help someone... Side bonnet picture requred 8P non face lift.

    Could be dry polish bit buffed off where it's fallen into the crease/crack of the bonnet