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    S-line Mudflaps

    Sorry guys mud flaps ( also know as a means to increase air drag ) have no place on any modern car let alone a Audi -- dreadful .
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    Alloys, Which Ones?!

    Classy car needs classy wheels -- none of the above make the grade !
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    Once you have been used to the superior driving characteristics and torque of a modern diesel you should test drive a petrol powered car for at least a day to see if you can live with it . A pal got average 22mpg around town which dropped to 19 mpg in winter around town in a 2.0tfsi A4 Weedy...
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    aldi parking ticket

    Ignore Do not reply to them screen your calls ( if you till have a land line ) They have no right in law to attempt to fine you
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    xenon main beam performance ?

    In the UK you hardly ever drive in main beam for long , but on a long Euro trip it was possible to drive for miles in total darkness with main beam on and it made me realize the beam pattern is very watery and frankly poor range . I realize that the optic has to be a compromise with the emphasis...
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    Corrosion warranty with Audi

    What did you do to your trims , are you saying that you have been able to polish them or have painted / coated them . I thought that the bright trim could not be polished ?
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    Corrosion warranty with Audi

    My previous car (b6) had a mix of various shades of milky trims when I bought is secondhand , as part of the purchase deal the supplying ( Audi ) dealer changed some of them and scratched the paint in taking the old ones off and incredibly dented the door skins in putting the new ones on !! I...
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    Q7 and snow?

    On any 4x4 its all down to tyres and ground clearance . Discos and RR come with chunky not very low profile tyres as standard . Q7 will have summer only low profile tyres which will be a big limiting factor . To be honest the Q7 will be fantastic with the correct tyres , but do you really want...
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    3.0 tdi quattro owners question

    Just a few points on quattro's in the snow -- tyres the standard fit no tread tyres ( just rubber rings with virtually no cut out treads ) are hopeless on ice and snow compared with tyres from a few years ago . The other issue is ground clearance -- on 3 or 4" of snow the cars ( s-line ) will...
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    Rns-e firmware 0650 download

    Where can I get the latest / last firmware upgrade for the sat nav . Using Mr Googles finest search it only gets me to pirate type download sites which I don't trust . Securely there must be a legit way of getting it ?
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    2.0 TDI oil pump / balance shaft failure?

    Its a difficult situation for us owners as if we run the cars for long enough they will fail , its almost as if these problems were designed in from day one --- at least I got the injectors under the recall . As there is nothing else on the market that I want I probably will get the preventative...
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    2.0 TDI oil pump / balance shaft failure?

    And what did your garage say when you went to see them ?
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    Insurance renewal nightmare!!

    For standard cars I doubt you will beat , I don't think they will insure modified cars . Got to be worth a try !
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    STOLEN :(

    That's a really good idea -- just for info "Find my phone" is also available ( Free ) for proper Android phones so you could use even the cheapest phone you could find , on PAYG you do have to maintain the sim with one call every so often and top it up every six months ( varies with sim provider...