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    Real average MPG

    Ouch! That's worse than my Z4.
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    Overrun Burble - S3

    Quite possibly Mercedes and mini have programmed the overrun cutoff out when the sport mode is pressed.
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    S-Tronic APR Remap!

    Had an APR remap on my A4, wouldn't bother with them again.
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    Yes the car was ok too.
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    Real average MPG

    How much is that model giving you?
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    Option tie ins.

    Exactly, I don't want s line, leather etc I want standard suspension and cloth seats with a sunroof if it exists or can you only have a sunroof if you specify a different package etc.
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    Option tie ins.

    Not wanting to buy brand new, been trawling the sites for a 2.0 tdi sportback auto with a sunroof. All the ones I have seen advertised have leather, s-line,18" wheels etc. Just wondering if its the old option tie in to squeeze the customers for more money, " you cant have this until you've got...
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    Real average MPG

    Thinking of purchasing a sportback somewhere down the line, got my mind on a 2.0 TDI with s tronic. Tired of trawling the crap like autotrader and parkers which tells us the mpg figure is 68.9 or whatever, so what do the everyday users get. As a comparison the guides tell me my Honda Civic gets...
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    Hit a fox on the motorway a few years back in my old 90 2.2e (fantastic car) and was really expecting the worst when I got home to look at it and was pleasantly surprised that there wasn't a mark on it.
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    2.0TFSI vs S4 conundrum

    Go for the s4,I made the same mistake myself few years back with b7 models,the b8 s4 has been dynoed at 350 bhp stock and wellover 400 when remapped,it really is a flyer and if I hear correctly the s tronic gets into the cheaper tax band too.
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    Anything I can do with my dull headlights?

    cracking job should be referred to the "how to" section.
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    How many of us are bikers?? Show off your wheels.......

    dont bother with camping gear unless you got a BMW or goldwing etc the extra stuff you gotta take uses too much room and if it rains the stuff will be wet too. Earlier this year I went to Scotland 1300 miles 6 nights all my gear went in 38 litre topbox,planning longer trip to Europe next year...
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    which do you prefer..... (bikers)

    would have to be the Ducati,those ktms are so high I cant get on them.
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    When saturday comes

    not the film starring Sean Bean but when my A4 is traded for a Bmw z4 coupe,it has been a loyal,reliable servant but exciting motoring beckons,something that the A4 could never deliver.
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    How many miles do you get from a tank of fuel?

    445 actually and close to running out