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    Hello all, So my steering rack finally gave up and as you can see was pretty gross in there. I've ordered a reconditioned S3 quick rack to replace it with. I know that the A3 and S3 track rods are different diameters, however I was curious if anyone knew if this diameter reduced to the...
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    Opening the can of worms
  3. A3 1.8T 8L Resurrection

    A3 1.8T 8L Resurrection

    After my old man decided to so some off roading and ripping half of the underside of the car off, along with a couple years of general neglect, I have been steadily restoring her.
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    A3 1.8T Engine Dress-up, billet, aftermarket, shiny.

    Cheers hydro, sadly I've already looked. I'm not at all keen on the Audi R8 style caps... I did have the thought to just respray the standard one chrome if I can't find a decent billet one.
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    A3 1.8T Engine Dress-up, billet, aftermarket, shiny.

    Hi all, I'm looking to get some dress up parts for my A3... Specifically - at this stage - billet oil filler, expansion tank and washer fluid caps. Had a look online and can hardly find any, other than those costing £££. Need help. I'll be posting pics of the project soon enough. Any help...