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    Nogaro Blue 8L S3 Haverhill

    Just saw a nice clean looking S3, in the same colour as mine at the bottom of Boleyn Way in Haverhill. Anyone on here?
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    a wee saturday morning drive

    Good pics. Scotland does have some brilliant driving roads and awesome scenery.
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    Speed signal wire?

    For anyone who's interested I managed to find out that my car doesn't have canbus. The speed signal wire was in the main power connection block for the stereo. It was a green/white coloured wire that was in line with the permanent live on the opposite side of the plug. The HUD is now installed...
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    audi s3 8L stereo wiring harness and facia panel help needed urgently!!!

    Same problem here. I've got a facelift 8L S3 and trying to go from Audi double DIN to an Alpine single DIN. Couldn't find the correct fascia after hours of searching online. I ended up buying the 8P one and filing it down to make it fit. It will never be quite right though so I'm keen to find a...
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    Why has my MPG dropped???

    I'm using the on-board computer too, although it's not 100% accurate it does give you a rough idea. Are you sure you sure that you are looking at the average comsumption rather than the instantaneous? The average has a symbol before the numbers like a circle with a diagonal line through it.
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    Speed signal wire?

    You might be right. I don't really understand how the canbus system works.
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    Speed signal wire?

    That's what I was afraid of. I really don't fancy taking the dash apart. I think I remember seeing a gala wire somewhere behind the stereo on my old pre-facelift S3 but I could be wrong. You can use the aircon display to bring up current road speed so maybe I can find something there.
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    Need advice asap :)

    It's got dodgy written all over it. Avoid like the plague.
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    Project GTI

    That interior is grim. Looking forward to seeing it finished.
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    Speed signal wire?

    Nice one, thank you. I'll check behind the stereo first. What exactly do you mean by the dash pod?
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    Speed signal wire?

    I brought a heads up display unit today that projects a speed readout onto the windscreen. It works in KM and I'm off to Le Mans in a couple of weeks so I thought I'd wire it up for the journey. It needs a speed signal input to make it work. Can anyone suggest an easy place to pick up a speed...
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    That Horse Outside vid cracks me up every time. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Welcome to ASN.
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    Why has my MPG dropped???

    Yes mate, I tried in 3rd and 4th. I'll give it another go tonight just to make sure, but to be honest I think I'll change it tomorrow morning anyway and see if it makes any difference to the reading. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk