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    my s3

    Im not 100 percent if this is the right section but its up for sale as ive got to start saving for a new house and have a company vehicle here it is let me knoqw what you guys think Audi : Audi S3 Grey stage 2 price dropped must go
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    hi mate are the lights designed for xenon and will it just plug straight from my facelift xenon...

    hi mate are the lights designed for xenon and will it just plug straight from my facelift xenon units that are badly scratched? what i mean is are these the same as the standard xenon ones or have they got to be modified in any way? are the lens in good condition thanks gary
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    AH Fab / Ebay / Forge S3/A3 FMIC installs (image heavy)

    fitted my cooler a while back now forgot to post some pics... didnt do any before or after to readouts but when i took it back to get the map tweaked they said it had made a difference and turned it up abit more :) turbo seems to spool up pretty much the same but sounds a little louder
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    New guy

    top of the main 8l page mate in the stickies bit
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    S3 3" downpipe with 120 cell cat. your opinions please?......

    i fitted one of these to mine the only prob i hadwas the hole centres at the turbo (as above) apart from that seems pretty good sits quite low those which i was expecting anyway before i bought as is a larger diameter tube. good mod for the money in my opinion mate
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    Facelift lens replacement

    Is it possible to replace the lens cover on the facelift headlights as bought some cheap second hand headlights from ebay and they were scratched I've read the thread on removing the lens but just wondered instead of trying to polish the scratches out just buy new lens Any help would be great...
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    welcome to the site mate!! im local to you work in ringwood and live in poole i think the only meet around our way is the tidy vag meet at holes bay one sunday in every mounth. ive had a run in with an red rx8 and destroyed it i didnt think they were all that tbh. look forward to seeing some...
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    Facelift front headlights

    where would you guys n gals recomend getting a set of these as been looking around and they are soo expensive..... is it worth waiting or just bite the bullet and pay out? thanks gary also bit of a long shot but dont suppose anyone is breaking an s3 with these or one side ??
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    What spark plugs are you using??

    sorry if im being thick but how would you adjust the gap ?:think:
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    What spark plugs are you using??

    couldnt be a pain but could someone send me a link to any of these plugs ive been looking and there all for different cars grrrrrrrrrrr
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    What spark plugs are you using??

    is there any particular pitch of thread or specifics to the ngk bkr7e as everywhere is saying there not for an s3? just wondering if its a particular type of fitment thanks gary
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    Cooler size

    thanks exactley what i couldnt find lol cheers
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    Cooler size

    Right looking at getting a front mount plus hoses and doin it all with a few friends and i know that this has been covered a million times but couldnt find the exact info im after sorry guys for repeat thread . Is 600*300*76 cooler to big? will it make the turbo more 'lagy'. The car has had a...
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    Boost gauge only reads negative boost?

    nice 1 il have a looky tommorow
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    Boost gauge only reads negative boost?

    Any chance of pics as im not sure which pipe to go to either that or abit of an explanation please mate. Is strange that it worked on the hose from top of dv before and not after a while tho?