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Feb 7, 2018
Oct 17, 2010
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Mechanical Technician

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Active Member, from Northumberland

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Feb 7, 2018
    1. Gary125
      Hi Gary. I'm new to the Audi Sport group so hope you don't mind me contacting you directly. I'm after a bit of help / advice re my 2013 Audi A3 8v and upgrading my seats.The seats I've bought have had all the connectors cut off Is this something you could help with? And how much do you think I'm looking at? I'm in Whitley Bay so fairly local to you. Many thanks,Gary.
    2. dropnflip
      Gary, similar query to @coach, wondering if you're still doing mods in the North East area?
      1. gary3306
        I am mate but I'm stowed off with working away from home at the moment. Unfortunately I won't be available until beginning of July. Of course if you're happy to wait that long, then great I can help (hopefully)
        May 16, 2015
    3. coach

      you still here? I've got a different motor (Q5) and I'm looking to get some VCDS work done. Are you still willing to do it for some beer tokens?
    4. Steedy
      Hi mate, do you still have 2012 maps for nav plus?
    5. Ianonortheast
      Hi Gary, can you still do VCDS mods? I have a few ideas on what I would like to do on my Audis if possible?
      cheers, Ian
    6. elbeeuk
      Hi Gary,
      Do you still have the vagcom? I've got a seat altea that keeps kicking into limp mode whenever kicking the turbo in at 50-60mph(ish). Our mechanic has had a look and thinks it could be either just the turbo feeder pipe or the whole turbo unit.
      I need a second opinion on a fault code as our mechanic just has a generic fault reader. Do you reckon you'd be able to do it? How much would you want?

      PS - I'm in Newcastle (nr Gosforth)

      Cheers in advance
    7. Davidson4301
      Hi mate, Could we re-arrange the meeting we cancelled. Im free from Next thur untill monday.

    8. Davidson4301
      Hi mate,
      i'm new to all this but i was wondering if you still have the VCDS / Vagcom?
      I have 3 warning lights on my dash. Airbag , Brakepad wear indicator, and an Engine management i think. The brake pad light is because the previous owner has cut the cable but this only comes on intermittantly, the airbag light has come on since i removed my stereo ( I have renewed the dash sensor but to no avail) and the engine light has came on since i let my friend try out his new code reader. It came up as low current through the MAF sensor. I have renewed Maf sensor (£40) and changed the air filter but again no joy.

      Would you be able to code these out/remove for me as they are driving me mad !lol. I have had them reset but they have came back on. If so, how much would it be.? I live in Newcastle so can travel up no problem

      Really sorry for the extra long message. Its a VW golf 1.9tdi mk 5.

      Thanks in advance mate
    9. Colin Allroad TDi
      Colin Allroad TDi
      Hi Gary. I would like my Allroad lowered. Apparently its the 402 mod and is done via the VAG-COM....can you carry this out for me? If so, how much??? Cheers, Colin. :)
    10. Audime

      I saw your thread on dash cam purchase. Did you every buy one, if so which one?

      Many thanks,
    11. coach
      I tried to reply to your message twice but it looks like it hasn't gone. Did you get them. If you did and cannot reply you can get me here michaellaidler@btinternet.com or 07710537177


    12. coach
      Hello Gary.
      I need a bit of help, I did the 5570 software update on my A6 and have lost the battery monitor and possibly other things as I dont really know what I should have. I dont have one of these VagCom things and I got your details from the site. Is it possible you coulod help me out and restore what I should have. I'm in the Morpeth Area.
      Thanks in advance
    13. Macdoon
      I don't know much about lights, so once I get mt DRL lights is it just a case of buying HID bulbs and replacing the halogens
    14. Macdoon
      Hi Gary, didn't want to hijack the DRL thread, i'm looking at getting a set of those lights in black, my concern is the light spread and pattern with halogens, is it as good as the OEM.

      Is it necessary to have self levellers and washer jets if you put HIDS in .

      Cheers Fella

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