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    Goodbye from Gangeyboy1982

    Sold the s3 at the weekend .... I loved the Audi and it was by far the best car i have ever owned. The true reflection was driving in the snow last year without any struggle. A great car. My issue really comes down to it being a seven year old car, and understandably those luxury parts...
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    Bose front door speaker Audi code number...

    Sorry to bump post but does anyone have a drivers side front tweeter for sale. I know this could go under the wanted section but i couldn't for the life of me find it. I deally im after a front bose speaker and tweeter. Thanks Steve. :sos:
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    Boost gauge fitting???

    I'm looking to get a boost gauge fitted, does anyone know any good companies that fit these in Kent or South East?:think:
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    Bose front door speaker Audi code number...

    Thanks guys i'll give this a go at the weekend...Im hoping its a lose screw from the door shutting.:o.k:
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    Bose front door speaker Audi code number...

    Annoyingly my front drivers door speaker appears to have died...It keeps reverberating and is very annoying. Does anyone know the Audi part number for this? So I can trawl ebay for a replacement. Out of interest how much effort is the removal of the door cards?:blackrs4:
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    Play in steering wheel

    Sounds like your tracking may be out. Only £35-£40 to sort out but make sure you get the 4 wheel set up done if its a Quattro. All those pot holes jar the wheels out over time. Mine was the same seemed to sag slightly one side in a straight line. :racer:
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    Any ideas how to fit Lower boost hoses???

    Hi all, After my last service i was informed of a boost leak near my manifold. Any ideas if this would be a suitable replacement kit?? Any tips on if its a easy job etc would be much appreciated...
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    AMD Service, advice on replacement parts wanted !!!

    Thanks Dani, Think i am going for OEM, unless there isn't to much price difference just good to get feedback. I hear alot of upgrades are to TT parts or R32 parts? :blownose:I love my s3 but my wallet doesn't !!!!
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    AMD Service, advice on replacement parts wanted !!!

    Hi guys, Had my service at AMD yday, happy with service however a few issues :sadlike::- 1. Front Anti roll bar collers broken and rears on way out.. Any ideas on whether to get stock replacements (any idea of cheap place) or do i go for an uprated set up from say H&R? Also do i get any...
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    Race Diagnostics vent kit any good??

    Hi all, Was thinking about getting one of these:- Any good? Or are there better on the market? :blackrs4:
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    turtle wax

    The Ice wax is okay, but using the blue cloth seems to have a static effect, meaning that after a few days it has attracted alot of dirt. A bit gimmicky if you ask me.
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    01370 - Alarm triggered by Interior Monitoring

    Have the batteries gone in the alarm module? Have you ever heard 3 beeps when u start up on a cold day?
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    Door wont shut properly...

    Before you try jacking it up, give this a go. There are two 10 or 12 mm bolts towards the bottom of the door. tighten them up and see if it shuts. I had that problem where it just pops back open, tightened them and now its fine.:o.k:
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    Locating the alarm Siren

    Hi there, If its located in the same place as the S3, and i am guessing it is it will be in the passengers side rear wheel arch inside the boot. If you open the boot on the left hand side should be a removable panel once this is off you have access to the rear light. Its tucked down the alcove...