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  • I've got a variable mixture at the moment, which I use depending on my mood :)

    Here's a video of my different setups, but I note the hid fogs are now CREE led bulbs so that I can use them as DRLs if I wish - as the side lights are also in the fogs so it looks lok just the fogs are on....

    New CREE LED DRLs.wmv - YouTube

    I hope that link works :)

    If not search YouTube for 'Richardesty New Cree led'

    Let me know what you think!

    Hi Duncan

    Maybe you'll like this video then?

    FINAL LED's - YouTube

    They are just standard 5mm LEDs, the ones with sticky out legs, then I soldered a resistor onto each one to allow them to work on 12v. I drilled these into the back of some 5mm Perspex which I then inserted into the fog grills - as per the video.

    As you'll see there were shed loads of wires and they got damp, then rusted then LEDs started failing :(

    I loved them to bits, they looked ace, just weren't so reliable with them being DIY. Hense me replacing them to how they are now....

    Hope this helps.

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