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    Q5 Front camera

    i have a new fy Q5 sline that I am still getting used to and as I am new to the forum wasn’t sure where to put this. When I change from reverse where the camera engages there is a lingering message that says f-cam no signal. I realise I don’t have the front camera but does this mean it is coded...
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    SQ5 SQ5 Retro fit rear seat storage

    I am also interested in this but for an Sline Q5, I believe the seats are different to the SQ5.
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    Just joined

    hi guys recently taken delivery of a brand new Q5 3.0tdi SLine in a rather nice blue, complete with tech pack reversing camera folding mirrors and 20” wheels. Having towbar fitted tomorrow so will be ready to test with the caravan. This is my first Audi and 4x4 so will take a bit of getting...