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    1996 t sport head gasket gone - end of the road?

    wife broke down the other day, coolant hose split in cold weather, lost all coolant and drove the car until the oil pressure light came on. new coolant hose on and now the car loses coolant and failing sniffer test :( 180k miles, head gasket needed, skimmed head and 4.5 hours work plus fluids...
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    2001 Allroad C5 2.5 tdi Auto Tip Gearbox Oil and Diff change?

    Unit 20 | Audi RS6 servicing, RS6 tuning and Audi RS6 brake upgrades
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    New Rims :)

    looks like 15 or 20mm spacers would do it better, those arches need filling!
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    how much are genuine rs4 alloys worth

    are you talking b5 et20 18 inch or b7 et29 19 inch 9j wide? or are you talking audi rs4 style from other models?
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    Please note difficulties with telecoms 21st July 2011 great service and 4 year warranty £382 delivered - I just replaced all of mine on the T Sport
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    2nd Post...the Saga...Allroad A6 2.5 TDI 180 51 Reg

    hope that turns out ok for you...
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    2nd Post...the Saga...Allroad A6 2.5 TDI 180 51 Reg

    i hope the garage that sold it to you and the warranty are paying for all of this!
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    New Rims :)

    look good nez, maybe space them out a bit more?
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    Accident with motorbike yesterday

    have you exchanged insurance details with the biker / those involved - make sure you deal with your insurer direct as well, brokers and outsourced claims handlers are a nightmare you will need to also notify your insurers check your policy - in terms of repairs and assessors, make sure you...
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    S4 alloys and tyres for your B5?

    got some for sale with or without tyres in the classifieds missus wants smaller wheels - back to the 16's for her, better as she will just damage them anyway cheers
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    2nd Post...the Saga...Allroad A6 2.5 TDI 180 51 Reg

    which ****e audi dealer is that then?
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    Pics of your A6

    b6 s4 alloys in grey on the allroad - et45 with 30mm spacers = et15
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    New S4 but no service book

    ask them for the original first if they say not available ask for a duplicate to be provided should all be on the computer as well you could buy a blank book off ebay and get them to stamp that up, when I had my s4 they were willing to do that, even post onto each dealer to do it if it came to it
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    2nd Post...the Saga...Allroad A6 2.5 TDI 180 51 Reg

    post on forums they have some resident lawyers who see this stuff all the time, some no-win no fee people too who appear solid.
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    Strange one this...maybe simple...

    full vagcom or the freeware version? woth posting on the vagcom forum here as it is supported by vagcom themselves