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    Wanted Audi A4 Avant Petrol

    2007 Avant 2.0 TFSI Special Edition 103k miles Dark Blue Audi Sat Nav and Bluetooth 3500k?
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    How much is my Special Edition worth?

    I checked Parker’s and it said 2800 which seemed low. I know mods don’t increase value but thought latest genuine Audi Bluetooth and RNSE with AMI would increase it a bit. May return it to standard and sell those bits separate.
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    How much is my Special Edition worth?

    After 8 years of ownership I’ve finally grown bored of my A4 Avant 2.0tfsi Special Edition. Going to sell it but wondering what the going rate is? Autotrader is throwing a big range. Since taking ownership I’ve fitted :- RS4 grille Rev D diverted valve Coil overs Later RNSE 2017 Bluetooth...
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    B7 2.0 TFSI Piston ring replacement

    How smokey is it on tickover? Mine used to give wee puffs if I quickly pulled out onto a roundabout or accelerated coming off one. I did a PCV delete recently and now my car smokes quite a lot on idle. May be a coincidence though??? I have a decat so expect a little more bit that’s been fitted...
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    Just Rob's 2.0tfsi Full PCV Delete project, and why you need to do it too.

    I already have the blank plate with rear port but connected the OEM hose back to that port. So just need the catch can etc. Interested if you could PM me a price to complete the kit into full catch can that would be great.
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    2.0 Tfsi Oil Pressure Problem

    Unfortunately yeah I know I have to drop the sub frame. The pick up has never been replaced and almost at 100k mileage so probably needing done so best do it before it costs me in the long run.
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    2.0 Tfsi Oil Pressure Problem

    I was about use an engine flush before I read this. I’m having an issue with camshaft a over advanced and read it could be an oil pressure issue so since the pick up hadn’t been changed I’d do it now and see if it helps. I did plan to put in an engine flush before dropping the sump. Is this best...
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    Car been in storage for 6 months now MIL

    Replaced the plugs and reset the MIL. Last 30 miles and it came back on. I’m a bit worried it is advanced now tho given the plugs I took out. Will monitor the new ones. Unsure how it can be with it sitting unused that it’s now advanced the timing unless it’s just a coincidence. The coils are...
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    Car been in storage for 6 months now MIL

    Yeah I did try that but it flashed back up again. I'm going to buy another set of plugs tomorrow. I put in OE Bosch ones last time, is there a better option?
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    Car been in storage for 6 months now MIL

    Hi folks, I put my A4 Avant 2.0 TFSI Special Edition in storage back in November when it developed a fuel leak as I was about to put my house on the market and the garage was stacked full and I was too busy to do it. 6 months on I finally got the finger out and paid the car a visit. Dead...
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    Needle sweep activation in VCDS, supported or not in B7 platform.

    I thought it was only the multicolour dis dash that could do the needle sweep?
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    Engine Oil Consumption Advice
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    Engine Oil Consumption Advice

    There is a separate group on the forum relating to the oil issue. Check the groups tab.
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    AMI fitted and now Bluetooth not working?

    No oNe able to help with this?
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    AMI fitted and now Bluetooth not working?

    I finally got round to fitting an AMI to my RNSE Mk2 that I had already fitted with the latest bluetooth module and a kufatec harness. I asked here about wiring for AMI and Bluetooth a while back and got no answer so purchased the AMI wiring harness from kufatec and connected it to the existing...