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    2.0 TDI oil pump / balance shaft failure?

    Hey Guys. Have the dredded B7 2.0 tdi myself. i have 158K miles on it now, dont know if the pump was changed or not, no record of it but I've the replacement Audi pump ordered and its waiting for me at an indi Audi specialist in Cork. the pump alone is €997 !!!! then ive all the belts to do...
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    BLB Engine, anyone done the chain to gear conversion without spending 000's ??

    Thanks a Million for all the replies guys. I would be tempted to just leave it be, BUT i got a loan out to fix the car and i plan to run it into the ground for the next few years and don't plan on spending a penny more than the usual service and wear and tear. JON35Y sorted me out with a...
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    BLB Engine, anyone done the chain to gear conversion without spending 000's ??

    Hi, I have an 05 A4 Avant, BLB 140bhp. 140,000 Don't mean to be rude but, Before we start, i don't want this thread to be about Taking Audi to Court or how much You got screwed over, and how they should compensate you ect ec. Because thats all i can find about this issue and not solution's ...
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    Got a few quid to Spend and want my A4 Avant PERFECT !!

    So chain to gear is top priority now, After clutch and fly wheel. Done anyone know of the best and cheapest way to solve tho issue ? Is it possible to try get a bottom end from a breakers with a pump that would fit ? Or is the BLB conversion chain to gear just expensive with no escape from cost...
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    Got a few quid to Spend and want my A4 Avant PERFECT !!

    Ohhhh, forgot about that !! How much would one of those cost ? Can I get a pump from another engine that will fit as I heard that conversion kit can be a bit on the expensive side ?!
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    Got a few quid to Spend and want my A4 Avant PERFECT !!

    Hi All. I Have a 05 BLB engine 2.0 TDI 140 bhp. The Flywheel news replacing as dose the clutch. So that's just over 1k over here parts and labour. So I'm just gonna keep the car for a few years so I'm willing to spend another 2k on top of that just to have the car perfect for the next...
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    Vibrating shudder under heavy breaking on New Disks and pads !!!!

    thanks a mill for all the replys lads. ill have to have a proper look tomorrow to check all the possibilities. @ Cribbon ; How much dose it cost to get the Disks skimmed ???? never heard of anyone doing that over here !! @Rheady Ive changed the pads on the back, same time as the front but...
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    Vibrating shudder under heavy breaking on New Disks and pads !!!!

    Hi, A bit of help needed. I changed the front disks and pads only about 3,500 miles ago. And now when I brake even moderately hard it feels like the disks are warped or the pads are gone. I get a kind of grinding/shuddering feeling under my foot, like Im braking on worn pads or a warped disk...
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    Engine bay cover - Audi rings needed

    Where can you get those rings Chris ??
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    +1 on the G101. Savage stuff, can be used inside the whole car and on the outside too. Cheap and can use as strong or as weak as you like :-)
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    Tardis is the best stuff ive ever used. Its a bit annoying, but the best way i found to use it was to wash your car first, your usual wash method, dry it off, then using a chemical resistant bottle,( it will eat through spray heads) spray mist the tardis on each pannell, one at a time, working...
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    First Moss Now Bugs.

    Check for a damp spot in the car mate. under the carpets in the back, and dont forget under the spare wheel in the boot. had a car or two in with a bit of dampness before n interior was soptless but spare wheel well was damp under the spare wheel. and if you can lift up your back seats, there...
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    Any way to remove "clouding" of paint?

    As Nally Said above, Could be the results of a wool mopping by some monkey in a car park valeting centre ! Make sure the clay your using is not too harsh for starters, then give your car a good polish, test a section if you can first. All the info you need is on Detailing World. But if in...
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    New car detailing

    +1 for the Valet Pro Bilberry wheel cleaner. Love the stuff. I couldnt agree with Jen more as she says above for the Wheels, Get them off most importantly, cleaned throughly, Clayed, a quick lick of some polish to bring up the shine of the black, then get yourself some ***FishCare FK1000P***...
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    Yea Jen. I mostly have about an inch of muck to blow off the rubber every week. The girlfriends driveway is a stone/muck one, so as you can imagine, i "love" driving to her house after giving the car a good Detail !!!! I just found that even after a pre/wash and wash an rinse there still is...