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    Brake Pad advice

    Got Pagid disks and pads on my VRS and they have been great. Got a set for the A3 also. Fitting them soon I hope.
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    Leather seats

    Looks almost like water damage, like the leather has swollen up at some point. Very strange.
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    Facelift Rear Wheel Stuck on !!!!!!!!! SAFETY warning!

    If the wheels is stuck on after you get the bolts out, put the bolts back in finger tight and lower the car and drive it a couple of feet back and forth then raise and take the wheel off. The bolts need to be a fraction loose (only a quarter turn or so from seated) to allow movement in the wheel...
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    GUTTED! :'( Just Crashed My S3 in the Snow

    Doesn't look too bad. Certainly repairable. Nobody injured which is the main thing. I did something similar a few years back with my Astravan. Summer tyres on a straight snow covered road at 15mph. Back end spun round and I went into a farmers wall. Got winter tyres after it was all repaired and...
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    Audi Connect now £££££

    Just another way for audi to rip everyone off.
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    Does sline and sport suspension have same shock absorbers ?

    As far as I understand it (could well be wrong) there's the standard SE suspension, slightly lower Sport suspension and slightly lower again S-Line suspension. Mine has the sport suspension on it.
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    Does sline and sport suspension have same shock absorbers ?

    No reason after market springs would cause any noise. I have an H&R cup kit on my Skoda VRS and Eibach prokit springs on the Boxster and there are no issues. I find the oem sports suspension soft so its a bit wallowy and bouncy round corners etc hence the reason for the B12 kit. I think the...
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    Does sline and sport suspension have same shock absorbers ?

    I read that the S line springs give a harsh ride but check reviews on here. Eibach springs (prokit and sportline) get good reviews. I have sports suspension on mine and will be putting Bilstein B12 / Eibach sportlines on it. That should lower it 25mm - 30mm. H &R springs are also popular.
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    Merry Christmas Everyone

    Have a Merry and Safe Christmas everyone.
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    Flywheel & clutch A3

    No link or video I'm afraid. Story so far on the A3......... Window tints Debadged except for small Quattro badges Front and rear Audi rings changed to gloss black K & N air filter Remapped Removeable towbar fitted Still to do...... Front grille and window surrounds to be wrapped black...
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    Flywheel & clutch A3

    Also consider a turbo refurb or replacement. We had to get ours refurbished, the DPF cleaned out and the EGR cleaned out when we got the VRS done with a Revo map. Its be fine since. Just be aware of other things that may be required.
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    Flywheel & clutch A3

    I have the standard clutch and flywheel on my tdi 150 (now 190) and no issues so far (46500 miles). When we got the clutch and flywheel done after the remap on the VRS, it was just the standard setup. Think it was LUK / Sachs if I remember correctly. The standard clutches and flywheels tend to...
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    Turbo whine

    I have spoken to the guy that remapped it and I have to take it in so he can have a listen. In the event that the turbo is on its way out, is there an alternative more reliable, perhaps slightly performance enhanced replacement available. If the original is struggling with a stage one map, I...
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    Turbo whine

    Hi All My turbo has started making the police siren noise. Its not very loud but you can hear it over engine noise etc. Noticable from startup and at tickover and while driving slowly. Car has only done just over 46,000 miles. Its not thrashed although does get a workout when its up to temp...