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    What’s this valve?

    I have no idea ! It’s not throwing any codes up though .
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    What’s this valve?

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    What’s this valve?

    Ok thanks Should there be a pipe connected to bottom of it ?
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    What’s this valve?

    Sorry , another question, on the top/rear of engine , with cover off there is a valve with vacuum pipe going onto it, On the bottom there is a pipe missing, where does it connect to? Thanks
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    Rear discs

    Hi all, quick question on rear disc size for a TT 225 , measured mine for replacement and they are 239mm vented discs. Replacement ones are 256mm vented or 239mm solid discs. Will the 256mm fit with new pads or are carriers/callipers too small? Thanks
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    Thanks Sandra !!
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    What do you do for a job?

    I’m an undertaker, night ambulance crew covering most of Norfolk North Suffolk and Cambridgeshire!
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    Hi Sandra , I was General Heinz Guderian , I was admin for Eastern region , my email account was closed by Orange as it was a very old one !
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    Hi all , I am back after 5 years! I’m in Norwich/Norfolk area, and have an 03 plate TT 225.
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    Homegrown, Beaconsfield Services

    Havent heard of it before
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    Skoda Octavia tdi fans constantly on.

    Glad you got it sorted
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    Skoda Octavia tdi fans constantly on.

    Get it scanned with VCDS ,might be more damage elsewhere
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    Part number request

    phone TPS and give them reg no. they might give you part number
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    ex-girlfriend refusing to return A3

    Is the Car insured in her name , or named driver on your insurance.
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    Not happy

    Have they got CCTV in carpark