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    Facelift HJS down pipe anyone?

    Does anyone have one of these on the car? Looks tempting as it is P&P and should pass MOT
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    Hi guys, I wonder why I can not send pm's?
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    Facelift Post retrofit question

    Please delete thread
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    Facelift REVO RF019’s

    I think there is a few millimeters left to go even wider
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    Facelift REVO RF019’s

    I am running 245/35 all round on a sport back, and did not need to cut anything. Perfect fit with OZ leggera 8,5 ET 45
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    Facelift Unitronic Inlet elbow

    Its looking good: I take it this one is for LHD cars? But it seems it will only match with the Revo pipe?
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    Squeaky exhaust valve = new system!

    How do you know that the valves stopped working? Is it only noise or are there any fault codes/warning lights? It seems that it could be harmful to the engine to rev the car with closed valves.
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    Facelift Door covers (panels)

    Does anyone knows if the B&O door covers are identical between the Saloon and Sportback RS3?
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    Facelift Audi Sport Exhaust retrofit

    OK, now it is fitted on the car, and after a short drive, I have to say that I am not impressed. Its a little bit nicer sound than the standard exhaust, but not much. I am happy I did not buy a new unit at mega £.
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    Facelift Audi Sport Exhaust retrofit

    I thought also in terms of component protection.... I guess the valve controllers do not have one....
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    Facelift Audi Sport Exhaust retrofit

    And also, do I need to change the valve controllers to the ones I have on the car, or can I use the ones that came with the exhaust?
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    Facelift Audi Sport Exhaust retrofit

    There is some paint damage on one of the covers, does anyone have tips about how to paint it with the original shine? all the heat resistant sprays I could find are matt-black.
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    255 front 235 rear?

    Because it is a special 255 that has very similar height to the 235 on the rear.