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    LED Interior Light Pack Vs Extended Interior Light Pack

    After 2.5yrs of having the S4 with the extended interior lights I have only just discovered how to turn on the footwell lights! Can’t wait for my next night drive.
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    MG1/MD1 Series ECUs cracked (B9)

    Wonder what sort of power a standard car would achieve with just a remap?
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    Traffic sign recognition- post 2022

    So, been reading a bit about this new ‘wonderful’ law coming in 2022. If I keep the S4, which so far I plan to do so, with it having a camera and assistance systems, will a dealer update limit the speed? One of the daftest laws I’ve seen passed in my42 years on the planet, it will do little to...
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    Where are all the Sports Diff cars?

    Another SD owner here, and no plans to sell! Goes around a corner like a RWD with the grip of quattro. Even with winter tyres the lateral grip is unbelievable.
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    When to take winters off

    Where do you lot live, the sun? Mine are staying on until end of month/April at least.
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    Air filter for my b9 s4

    This just arrived, does make a decent sound difference, and a few more pops for good measure! Will give it a proper shakedown tomorrow!
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    Air filter for my b9 s4

    Nowhere has 0646 in stock, been waiting for months!
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    S4 Downpipe options

    Any update on the DP? Tempted to get it as a Christmas present to myself!
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    S4 - 19's down to 18's?

    Gentlemen, a record. Tyre fitted and paid for at 5pm, 10 minutes later and it’s gone bang. Typically a size that is not so common and can’t get an in-stock winter tyre. Checked for any damage to the rim itself, only another visible tear to the tyre. Looking like it’s to be some 18’s. Either...
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    S4 - 19's down to 18's?

    Morning all. Burst 2 x winter tyres in as many weeks, all thanks to some potholes. The 35 section tyres probably not helping here, either. Originally wanted the standard 18's for my order, then Audi removed these from the options. Question is, I want to go down to an 18" to get have more...
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    19” Winter tyres for S4

    I went with some Nokians for £700 fitted and so far in a Peak District winter they’ve been really good.
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    Screenwash reservoir location?

    Evening all. A search in the forum and a look through the manual has shed no light on the location of the reservoir. Where the heck is it? Granted, this was the first time I have had the bonnet up....and it was dark!
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    S4 panel filter

    Evening all. Anyone found a replacement panel filter? Aware it will not give big gains but has to be better than the stock offering. Have tried K&N, Green, Pipercross to no avail. Thanks in advance.
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    Driving S4 to Belgium

    Morning all. 3 weeks in to the S4 and I love it! Just had it machine polished and a ceramic coat so will have to get some pics up! Driving to Belgium in a few weeks, and wondered if I need to adjust headlights etc, or does the car do it itself? Have searched the forum and the handbook to no...