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    My S3 hates me

    The gear stick could also be an issue with the linkage on top of the gear box, pop the bonnet and give it a visual.. see if it moves freely
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    Keep or Sell ?

    Never regretted getting rid of a car more than my S3 8L.. still look at them now and think about buying another as a second weekend car all the time.
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    Facelift Enough for a Warranty Claim on Super Sport seats?

    Mass production, c rap leather.. simple. There’s more S3’s ect on the road today than ever, My old S3 8L had better seats than that because it was a rare breed back then.. build quality mattered Etc, now they have a larger percentage of the market sewn up, things have gone down hill in my...
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    Post your eBay, Classified and For Sale links and wanted in here. Do not create a thread.

    Audi S3 8P 2012 Tune2Air
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    Black Editions - perfect?

    Yes black grill standard, it's part of the black edition pack.
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    S3 8V to RS3 8P... Thoughts

    Good choice, really like the BMW M135 / 140 's Sensible option, the Rs3 8P may require deep pockets.
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    S3 8V to RS3 8P... Thoughts

    Regards to the Bluetooth you can get the 'Tune2air' which plugs into the iPod connection in the glovebox meaning you can stream all your music straight off your phone, it shows up on the nav screen all your playlists etc. Both are lovely cars, I've looked at both as a possible replacement...
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    An oil thread (bare with me)

    I've noticed my S3 smokes a bit when I accelerate hard, a mate commented about this the other day too when I accelerated from stand still, Is this a common trait with the S3 or is the oil to thin or possible PVC issues ? Cars on 39k, Revo stage 1 and currently been using Castro Edge 5w30. The...
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    Low oil pressure problem Have a read...
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    Moving from 8L S3 to 8P S3. Advice please!

    May have to think about a new clutch too after the remap being a manual car...
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    Could be worth getting a four wheel alignment too unless you wanted to spend the cash on all new suspension.
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    S3 8L Nicest Color?

    Had a Ming Blue which I loved, but always wanted an Avus Silver, Still love the 8L S3, favorite car I've ever owned, love hate relationship !
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    Yellow Mayonnaise gunk in oil filler cap

    As a couple of the other lads have said, sounds like condensation because of the short journeys. The old A3/S3 8L's do the same.
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    Unusual wheel spin

    Yeah fair enough, I hadn't had my car much more than 5 minutes when it started to spin the fronts so was happy the oil change sorted it, if it started to do it again then I'd change the pump. Not sure what mileage your on, mine was on 30k so was kind of hoping the pump hadn't gone already...