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    Retro fitting puddle lights

    A guy called @RobinA3 is your man. He'll supply plug and play wiring looms for this. Heres the response he gave me when asking previously :) Hi Erik I do still aupply the looms to order. A guide is here on the fitting...
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    Do I go 18's or 19's?

    I run 19's and have done on both coilovers and also airride with the damping set to its stiffest possible setting. My eyeballs are still in place, my back and spine are no worse off, my MPG isn't noticeably different. Handling and acceleration? Its really not what my car was built for nor...
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    Help needed

    BRE is gear driven :) Much better choice than the BLB, but that's not to say its bullet proof - I'd recommend spending a few hundred quid and doing the upgrade even to the BRE....... a few hundred quid for peace of mind is small change really in the scheme of it.
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    Been told I can't get an exhaust for a 2005 A4 s-line!

    Don't think I've said at any point that a milltek was a 'pile of *****'.......? All I said was that I didn't think they represented value for money and offered the boy a cheaper alternative. Given that the guy was just looking to replace a standard exhaust (or perhaps even just part of a...
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    Been told I can't get an exhaust for a 2005 A4 s-line!

    I've never really understood why folk are so willing to take a fisting just to be able to say they've got a Milltek. Get a GOOD custom exhaust and you'll make as much power as a milltek, have something which looks how YOU want it and be left with a load of Wonga in your pocket to spend on...
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    Dreaded Front Bumper Adjustment...

    Yup the black plastic bit is reverse threaded.
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    Ajs Avant

    Looks braw mate - gonna be by far the best looking 'winter' car going haha!! Carbon trims look the business! I'd love to commit to a set, but the list of stuff I've got on 'the list' is just crippling me at the moment - everything I need now is at the pricy end of the scale!! Out of interest...
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    A wee photoshoot.....

    Hi mate, Car had a good 3 stage polish a couple of years back, but since then its only really been maintained with quick detailers and the odd coat of wax. It could probably do with another flat and polish now to be honest - its not quite as perfect as it used to be now.
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    Advice/help needed on fitting "support; holder for bumper" to lock carrier

    Cant remember off the top of my head, but think £18 sounds about right yeah.
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    Been told I can't get an exhaust for a 2005 A4 s-line!

    Where abouts are you located? Someone local might be able to advise of a place who will be able to do you a custom stainless exhaust - this way you can either have the parts replaced which need replaced, or a bespoke system made to your specification with your own choice of tailpipes. There...
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    Advice/help needed on fitting "support; holder for bumper" to lock carrier

    Yeah mate got them on. I just had the bumper right off to do it..... As far as 'could' it be done with the bumper still in place, I wouldn't like to say - but I'd suggest probably not.... Would certainly be easier with the bumper out the way in my opinion, but may be possible with it in place.
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    Dreaded Front Bumper Adjustment...

    Better just getting them from Audi mate, £8.78 for the pair :) Got them on and sitting better now anyway!
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    Dreaded Front Bumper Adjustment...

    Yeah broke the first one of mine probably about 2 years ago now - the second finally died last night too. See how I get on when the new ones arrive.
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    Dreaded Front Bumper Adjustment...

    See the way you've described is what we've tried - but we've ended up just breaking the top parts of the whole mount (ie the plastic bit around the head of the torx....) Have ordered up a couple new mounts which should arrive Friday so will give it another bash then. Still a bit mystified by...