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    The S3 has gone. Time for the next project.

    Hey all, A bit of sad news but I have decided to sell my S3 after 3 years of ownership. I decided to sell it because an opportunity came up to own another car which I have wanted for the last 20 years. I have got myself a Mk4 Toyota Supra. It is a full on project, and will take the best part of...
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    Post your eBay, Classified and For Sale links and wanted in here. Do not create a thread.

    Hi guys, Looking for a TTS engine cover including spigot bolts for an S3 8P if anyone has one they're not using? Thanks!
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    S3 8PA - how to disable eyebrow DRLs

    Hey Terry, Is there an option on your DIS to disable or turn off your DRLs? Or have you tried that and it turns off the fog lights now too? Eren.
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    Looking to sell used 3 VIN cable - needing advice

    Thanks for the reply. I did think that to be honest. I wasn't sure if it was worth me upgrading it and selling it on for a reasonable amount or ask a small cost for the cable and let the new user upgrade it. I'll get on to Gendan and see what info I can get. Appreciate the reply!
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    Looking to sell used 3 VIN cable - needing advice

    Hey all, Might be a simple answer with this but realistically what could I ask for/sell a 3 VIN cable that's had all 3 slots used up? I know you can pay to upgrade this however I've purchased an unlimited cable from a friend who's a mobile diagnostics provider so no longer require my original...
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    Shout out for the s3 in the snow

    So good to hear how well these perform in the snow! Still haven't had a chance to test it yet, no snow for us in Bristol sadly. And another one here admiring them wheels! They really do work well. I spent a year figuring out which wheels I wanted - Bola B1 in the end and I absolutely love them...
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    YouTube - Cars with Smithy (Stage 2+ R-Tech S3 8P)

    Welcome to the forum! Been watching your videos for a while so it's good to see you on the forum. Enjoying the content so far mate so keep it up! Looking forward to seeing the progress of this. Eren
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    A3 3.2 Quattro 8P1 2005 Coilovers

    Hi! When I got my S3 a couple years ago it had Pro Sport coilovers on and from my experience of lowered cars on springs and other budget coilovers these were absolutely terrible! They were only on about a 20mm drop from standard and the ride was awful. Stiff as anything and rattled the car like...
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    Feedback and Reviews

    I purchased footwell lighting and puddle lights/door open pack for my S3 from Robin and I was really impressed by the quality of the kits. Everything plugged in nicely and is definitely OEM quality if not better. The instructions are very clear and the aftersales care is great too. I had a few...
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    8P puddle light LED kit for 5dr, any recommendations?

    +1 to this. Well worth the price for these in my opinion.
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    Remove light switch dial

    Very easy indeed! Worth the fat lip though once you change it to a nice chrome one!
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    What have you done to your A3 (8p) this week

    Hehe brilliant! I admire your self control leaving them in there for 3 years :tearsofjoy: I think I last a week at the most if I see something that can be changed!
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    What have you done to your A3 (8p) this week

    LED interior light kit from T8ups fitted today. Brings the interior up to date nicely and aren't too bright. Also changed from the standard dome light to the dome/map combination with the red LED ambient lighting. Adds a real nice glow at night. 8V air vents next I think...
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    Word Association Game .. . . .

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    Instrument cluster swap 2007 S3 8P

    It's Castle Performance who's doing the swap. Based near Portishead near Bristol. Ah ok that's good to know, certainly something to watch out for! That's a good point actually, I'll just update your thread then, wasn't sure to add to it in the first place actually just in case it seemed I was...