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    ??is it possible to add a video in to the mmi screen

    Hi folks, As title is it possible to add a video in to the mmi screen. looking to show dashcam pic on mmi screen, the camera has video out but no screen. Thanks mark
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    should i flush first?

    Hi folks, should i use and engine flush before replacing the oil? cheers Mark
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    MMI Annoyance - start track

    rename abba to zabba, sorry no real clue. Mark
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    A5/S5 Picture Thread

    rear end
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    CCWA dipstick?

    great thanks!
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    CCWA dipstick?

    Hi Folks, Know its been asked before, has any one got a part number for a dipstick that will work with the 3.0ltr ccwa engine. thanks Mark
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    Service light reset - the solution

    Great worked for me!!
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    4 Days Detailing

    great job, wish i had a garage i could get the car in!! rather full of household junk
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    Audi A5 mudflaps

    you need to look close to see them!!!
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    Disappointed with all this dpf thing..

    Just enjoy the car.... short runs aint the best for most cars and a blast on the motorway should keep it good. also ask your local indi for the cost of a dpf clean if required
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    Was going to get it mapped but its been done!!!

    never got to try it un mapped, I thought it was quite quick when I got it (old car was an S3 8l) the rollers just confirmed it had been mapped.
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    Finally got my dream car!

    not to every ones taste but i like..
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    Finally got my dream car!

    ? mine ? Factory fitted S line sports suspension and Black kit, and rear tints not sure if they were factory though ? so no chrome except decals which are in the process of being removed for black
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    Finally got my dream car!

    my wee toy with 20 rims
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    Stealth Mobius Dashcam install

    Sound works , just had it switched off.