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    Just to say Thanks

    your welcome, look forward to seeing some pics
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    Stoopid Question time...... S4 17" Avus Tyre Size

    think the avus 17" have 225x45x17 where the 18s have the 235x40x18
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    Just to say Thanks

    depends on the car but have been looking at the v8 RS4, without upsetting too many, fantastic car and very fast but didn't like it that much - which also surprised me... maybe need to find one with the Recaros and not the sport seats which look good but didn't like Thanks, any idea of...
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    Just to say Thanks

    Westle pm sent
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    Just to say Thanks

    well after 7yrs of owning the amazing S4 its time for a change, I would just like to thank all for your assistance and help over the years, its been emotional... just some personal thanks to aragorn, Blue_Thunder, Byzan A4 and docurley and anyone I missed - thank you so what is my next...
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    S4 Oil Temp high

    ***UPDATE*** Cars been running between 110 and 120 for last 6 months, had a recent 6mth service and now the temp is down to around 100 and just above when having fun, but did go up alot higher when I was playing with an RS4 B7 anyway just an update its down 20c..? only difference is the...
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    S4 Steering Wheel

    Seems most model wheels will fits the S4(B5) (yr-2000) but before I get one just want to check if this will fit.. mine is looking abit shiney.. on another note, I do like the new RS4 but I was very surprised that I kept up...
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    v4 Bike

    Not a fan of bikes but other than the jet turbine bike, this would be one to add to the list, but not sure it will do 90 degree turns...? The Ferrari v4 Superbike
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    sorry to hear about this, hope it works out. either way the house or car insurance I think would cover you for the keys. why take the dogs..? hope they are returned safely.. keep us all posted..
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    DA polisher safe to use over stone chips?

    I use the meguiars and I have a few stone chips on the front (who hasn't) and never had an issues, but I don't put any presure on, let the machine do the work.. however if your using a hard pad and full cutting compound I would be careful around stone chips. if your looking at at rotary...
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    S4 / V6 Clutch

    because its an exchange unit, the surcharge is about £35, do you still want it..?
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    Goodyear Eagles

    great. have a good weekend
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    S4 Clutch

    ian52 - I'm ok with the little bits, but wouldn't want to tackle this... siena - how would you know, when the gearbox is out...? what's included in a clutch kit - the clutch obviously, what about pressure plate.? then you have a flywheel.
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    S4 / V6 Clutch

    need to order my new clutch parts, I'll let you know when I expect to get these.
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    S4 / V6 Clutch

    I will be having my clutch changed soon, I'll get the old parts and there all yours...