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    A6 1.9tdi 130 help please

    Could the EGR valve be giving problems
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    Allroad V6 TDI serpentine belt routing

    Post the engine type and I'll try to get the routing from elsawin
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    Cooling fan relay problems

    Folks. I have a 1999 1.8T A6(APU engine). The viscous fan works perfectly but the electric cooling fan doesn't work. I think it may be the relay but having a problem finding the right one as the diagram in elsawin doesn't quite match the car. I tried to get a spare relay (using part number on...
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    Help changing gear gaiter please.

    IIRC there is a little panel just in front of the handbrake. behind this is a screw that holds bottom bit in place. I changed mine for a leather one I made out of an old leather jacket. Looked very smart
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    A6 suspension durability

    Mines is on 125K on a 99 plate and never had to replace anything so far but just had it though the NCT (Irish equivalent of the MOT) though it had a problem on the suspension and was dreading the time/cost of new arms but it tuned out to be only the Anti roll Bar links that needed replacing. The...
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    S6 "engine Noise" after amp install

    I tried a better earth for the amp and it was no better. I didn't have time this weekend to take the centre console of to run a better earth for the head unit so I treid the ground loop isolators alijames suggested and it solved the problem without any discernible change to the sound quality so...
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    S6 "engine Noise" after amp install

    The RCA's are the ones that came with the FLI wiring kit. I am using the stock earth at the head unit so I will look at changing this as well.
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    S6 "engine Noise" after amp install

    Bryzan I conneted the the RCA and powered up last of all so this shouldn't be the problem, also the sound is crystal clear with the engine off. Alijames. if nothing else works i'll give these a try. I assume you install at the amp end of the RCA and not the head unit end
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    S6 "engine Noise" after amp install

    Folks. I just finished installing new kit as below in my 96 Audi S6. I am running this with my exisitng Sony head unit with 4 channels out , 2 Front and 2 rear Amp JBL GTO 540 Front Components 5.25 JBL P560C Rear 6x9 JBL P963 Wiring kit FLI Audio AK10 10AWG. New speaker cable. I wired the...
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    hand brake adjustment How ??

    whats the year and whats the engine size
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    Lots of air bubbles in my fuel

    I'm not that familiar with the fuel systems on these engines. Is the filter in the engine bay or back at the tank. if the filter is at a higher level than the tank and is emptying it would suggest that air is getting in somewhere and this causes the diesel to drank back into the tank overnight...
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    ur-quattro service (workshop) manual: does it exist? This might do. I'm not sure if the coupe quattro they refer to is the ur-quattro though
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    water temp

    Oil temp will vary depending on how you are driving. If you thrash it the temp will go up
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    Lots of air bubbles in my fuel

    Is it that it is air or just that there isn't enough fuel getting through and what you are seeing is vacuum bubbles (not enough fuel to fill the pipe entirely). Then this would suggest a blockage in the fuel lines or in the tank soemwhere
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    ABS Problems

    Is this a new fault or just logged in the memory. IIRC I got this fault as well when my controller packed up