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    SE or S-Line

    I agree with the 'grumpy old man'. The S-line suspension is awful. I've also driven the SE, and there's no loss of handling compared to the S-line (IMHO). The SE seats are also much better than the S-line seats for my over-long legs, but then a colleague of mine loves the S-line seats...
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    shaking when idle

    I get intermittent idle shaking. Doesn't show up when I get to the dealers, and no fault memory... Wierd.
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    software upgrade gone worry

    I get shaking on and off. Also terrible power dive if I change fast from 1st to 2nd and boot it... Never resolved.
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    2007 A4

    Thinking about this, I am definitely interested if someone can either: 1. Help me change Concert to Symphony - maybe a point-by-point instruction? 2. Tell me where/who can do this, and how much. Original poster Maraby asked if it's worth changing. Just what would this cost? Or is it, like...
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    2007 A4

    Cool. Now I know why Dealer quoted £2,000.
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    2007 A4

    When you say nav+ I assume you mean the Satellite Navigation option with MP3, etc? I know from bitter experience that it is impossible to change the Concert to a Symphony or Nav system. I was quoted more than £2,000 to do this - the dealer recommended that I went and bought an aftermarket...
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    B7 2.0T Quattro

    Deffo go for 2.0T, but don't opt for 18" wheels... "The roads in Ireland have no potholes". If you go for FWD, don't get S-line, for the same reason. Why let a wedding get in the way!
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    2.0 TDI - impressed

    I have to agree about the seats - absolutely awful.
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    A3 Sportback -> A4 Avant?

    The S-line looks great, but I recommend a test drive first, as the suspension is bouncy on the motorway and too hard around town (IMHO!). Next time I won't be having a diesel. Frankly, I hate my 2.0TDI engine. Wash of torque, then flat power then it dies a death. I'm an 'enthusiastic'...
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    Just purchase my new Car !

    Torn? Trust me on this, the TFSI is a much nicer car to drive. You won't regret that decision.
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    Just purchase my new Car !

    Lucky sod. My company INSISTS that I have to have the 2.0TDI. And leather! Sounds great - hope you enjoy!
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    Whats the spec of an A4 saloon S-Line?

    IMHO S-line is not only too hard, but quite bouncy (even underdamped) at motorway speeds. It's not a pleasant car for long distances. I preferred the A3 Sportback with standard suspension - but, yes, it's noisier than the A4. In retrospect I'd go for a A4 SE, and I wouldn't have the diesel again.
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    Comments please........

    Audi have a habit of giving the brush off, in my recent experience. The biggest problem is that Audi UK doesn't have any 'user' accessible knowledge base in the UK HQ - they always refer back to dealer. In a dealer as overworked, and with such high sales, as my local dealer, it's no wonder...
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    my new 2.0TDI s-line is here

    Nice wheels - not the same as mine (mine are standard S-line 17"). Mine's also black. Do you have S-line seats? Do you get on with them OK? (Sorry, I just saw your PM from November today...)
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    Buying a A4 2.0TDI, go for the S-Line?

    I have very few options on my S-line A4... I would have liked the interior light pack and the storage pack - especially the boot liner and hooks. In retrospect I would not have had the diesel engine (would have had the 1.8T or 2.0T if budget allowed) and I wouldn't have the s-line suspension -...