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    Would S5 19" 9J ET33 Rotor alloy wheels fit my A4 B8 S Line saloon without modification?

    I have to agree JDP, I think my TDI S Line looks like it's on pretty wide tyres on 245/40/18's but the extra 1"wide wheels and 255/35/19's take them into another league. Its just hard justifying the cost of a decent set of rotors which might require a costly refurb on top of the purchase price &...
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    Would S5 19" 9J ET33 Rotor alloy wheels fit my A4 B8 S Line saloon without modification?

    Would my unlowered S Line suspension have any clearance issues with the wider wheels and tyres front & rear? Would the car be likely to handle any differently with the new set up?
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    Would S5 19" 9J ET33 Rotor alloy wheels fit my A4 B8 S Line saloon without modification?

    Would they just be a straight off-on swap? I've heard of issues with oversize wheels/tyres rubbing on the arches or fouling suspension/steering components, or sticking out beyond the arches. My B8 has the standard 18" 8J 5 spoke alloys with 245/40/18 tyres.
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    Help Please Creaking/Knocking Sound

    I think it might be a good idea to take a video with the sound on it, someone may recognise it and be able to offer advice. Are you sure it's coming from the area you say and not suspension which may be creaking? Good luck in sorting it.
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    Replacing xenon bulbs

    For anyone else contemplating replacing their Xenon D3S Bulbs in the near future, it may be worth watching a few YouTube videos to see what is involved, and also to see which Torx bolts need to be undone to slide the headlights forward/out. They often seize due to their positioning and it may be...
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    Waffle Weave Cloth for Glass

    Have a watch of Jim White's YouTube video on cleaning your cars glass, it's long and he goes into some detail but worth a watch if you want perfectly clean car windows.
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    Carista App

    Andy I plugged my Carista in yesterday and checked all the options, but couldn't find any reference to reducing the time delay on triggering the alarm :-(
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    Carista App

    I had the same issue of my passenger door mirror returning past it's normal setting when shifting out of reverse so I stopped using it. I'll have another look for the reducing alarm entry on door opening update and see if I can alter the mirror setting.
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    White details - Glass cleaning

    This came up on my list today and watched it from start to finish. In my opinion, Jim is one of the best, if not the best YouTube video detailer. I love his style of presentation and his attention to detail is just amazing. Brilliant set up too at his studio and would just love to have him...
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    Side Skirt/sill replace

    Nothing wrong with Landsails :-)
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    radio change

    I think Lee would like to have all the controls and buttons around the gearstick. Is it still possible to have these installed along with the suggested Apple Carplay etc, even if it was just for looks?
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    Join this group, have a search around and if you cant find anything specific to your issue, post your question :-)
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    Check this thread out to see if it's any help Lee