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    375bhp Edition 30 Build thread

    Where abouts are you based? I can sort a health check for you... I work @ West London Audi... I've had no issues with my DV @ all!
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    375bhp Edition 30 Build thread

    I think I may have one video... I'm from streatham, south west London mate!
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    375bhp Edition 30 Build thread

    Thanks a lot, mate! Will most definitely be keeping you guys posted!
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    375bhp Edition 30 Build thread

    Not so much in sound but, my god the mid range is a monster! Real head jerker! The noise my car makes is mental though with the decat!
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    V-Power vs. Momentum99

    V-Power for me all day! Tried and tested the momentum and felt the car performs better on V-Power!
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    RIP Ryan Dunn.......

    R.I.P... Real shame!!
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    Top Gear back on our screens!

    Thanks for the heads up, Dude!
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    Fresh Prince of Bel Air where are they now

    Best TV show!!!
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    Eibach F&R ARB's

    Howdy! I'm interested in getting Eibach F&R ARB's for my VW Golf GTI Edition 30 3 door. How much would it cost to supply these please? Cheers, Phil
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    Who said S3's understeer? Lol

    Wouldn't even do that in my Eddy, lol!! That's crap driving!!
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    Wheel Opinion? BBS CH-R or Enkei PF01

    I like the CH-R's! They look sick!
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    RR day - AMD Essex, June 26th

    I don't have Paypal... Is there any method of payment?
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    RR day - AMD Essex, June 26th

    I'll be up for this!!
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    Detailers In South London

    Thanks, Juicy!! Will give him a call!
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    DC11 - 19/06/2011

    Wish I could've gone to this! Looks like a good day!