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    S1 services manual

    Is there any good services manual particular for S1 (or cover S1 not just A1). Bentley publishing does not have it. I don't mind paying if there is a good one available.
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    Machine polish, Ceramic Coating & Detailing

    I went for other route - clear wrap. 2 reasons: - it last longer than ceramic coating, it's self repaired. Especially dark colour car, I'm sick and tire of keeping it swirl mark free. One downside of clear wrap is that it attract dust easily, however when I wash and dry it I don't need...
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    Is S1 side mirror same as A1

    Thanks for confirmation. @lfcrule1972, my S1 does not have fold mirror option, so it's out. I'll give the seller a call to see what they say. Thanks.
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    Is S1 side mirror same as A1

    As per title, is A1 side mirro same size as S1 ? Reason to ask is that I purchased a custom fit car cover from Covercraft In the online order, it does not have S1 model so I choose A1 4 doors model. The cover fit well, the...
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    S1 suspension drop

    I read by just changing spring on S1 will upset some kind of electronic for suspension.
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    Her name is Scarlet!

    As sexy as Scarlett Johansson :sm4:
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    S1 engine stop start questions

    Again, I raised this thread not for asking opinion about whether start-stop feature is useful, there are countless discussion on internet about this already. I just asked S1 owner experience about how soon the engine cut in after stop. Once again thank you for your feedback mate.
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    S1 engine stop start questions

    That's my daily usage, even less than 10 miles one way, sound like there's nothing that I need to worry about. Appreciate your input, however this isn't what this discussion is about.
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    S1 engine stop start questions

    S1 owners, just wonder how's your engine stop start behave. After the engine stop, how soon it kick start itself without driver intervention ? I just had my S1, brand new delivery from dealer, only 6 weeks old now done 600km. The engine starts in very short period of time after it stop, I...
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    Windscreen Wipers Jumping

    I just picked up my brand new S1 last Friday, already noticed this wiper jumping problem. It's does not do like a brand new Audi should :blue: :blue: