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    Theres always options for a stand in, this one is up your street @jassyo06...
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    Bodyshop/repairer in South East London

    Hamilton and Palmer in Greenwich, who Audi dealerships in the area use, or used to. Had a bonnet on my Impreza done there, was better than the original paint!
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    What’s the correct PSI for my Tyres

    Front 36, Rear 36 Fully loaded Front 36, Rear 39
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    What’s the correct PSI for my Tyres

    Look on the inside of the door for the pressures, they will be on a metal plate like mentioned above. Mine are F36, R33.
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    A3 8V Will that tires+rims combo fit?

    They will fit fine. They will butt out about 4mm more than the standard 8" wheels that normally have an ET46 offset, but there is more than enough in the arch to cover that without rubbing.
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    Audi MMI/CarPlay

    a MIB2 upgrade will cost around £1000-£1500 to do properly including the LED conversion (White to RED to match PFL dash) on the MMI console
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    wheres my thread gone

    Censorship will always exist when there are financial elements involved, there is no 'freedom of speech', not really. Someone somewhere always has the power to change, or remove anything that has been discussed. Forums don't run themselves for free, they require sponsorship to maintain, this is...
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    wheres my thread gone

    It seems they are forum 'sponsors' yes, there is a payroll (of sorts).
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    wheres my thread gone

    It could possibly be that DTUK didn't take too kindly to freedom of the thread is vanished from my console, it means it was deleted entirely. The true colours of a company are often revealed when they have to silence discussion and experience based I think we all got our...
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    2.0TDI CR 184 Quattro APR Remap Results @ QS Tuning / Kim Collins

    He actually moaned at me because he had to pay for electricity to run my car up on the rollers :gaehn:
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    FL (MIB2) Repeating Album Issue

    I havent, but even if it does work properly on jukebox, its so small its kinda pointless. I think a return to Mib1 will be happening soon!
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    FL (MIB2) Repeating Album Issue

    Thanks for having a play around, really appreciates. I think it genuinely is a programming issue, they have essentially removed the feature on the mib2. Absolutely frustrating as heck.
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    FL (MIB2) Repeating Album Issue

    Thanks for giving it an investigation..I tried the folders option on mine today, and still the same issue.
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    FL (MIB2) Repeating Album Issue

    I'll give that a go!