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    Headlight Removal

    You CAN get the light out without pulling the bumper, but it's a PITA to get the light housing off of the (Don't know what it's called...) motor that adjusts beam height?? You know, the 3 position switch next to the dimmer Anyway, one you get that off, it'll pull out but like I said, it's a...
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    s3 exhaust on 1.8t quattro

    Sorry dude, I had mine done almost 2 years ago so it's hard to remember What I did was get all the parts together and after 2 or 3 unsuccessfull attempts to do it myself (followed by 2 or 3 trips back to Audi for new parts I discovered I needed) I finally went in to Oettinger and had them do...
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    s3 exhaust on 1.8t quattro

    YES, it will fit, but with "Modification". First, you'll need an adaptor to get the std pipe from the cats up to the larger diameter of the S3 exhaust (IIRC 55mm to 65mm, I used a US 55mm O.D. to 2.5inch I.D.) This "method" will require use of BOTH factory exhaust clamps (A3 one to join Cat Pipe...
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    Wheel spacers - size,make,cost?

    Oh yeah, I forgot to add that when I had the suspension installed, I also got Forge Adjustable control arms and had camber set to (S3) stock So I guess that compensated for the usual (too much) negative camber
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    Wheel spacers - size,make,cost?

    Gotta check my wheel size / offset, but I've got 15mm spacers (H&R ) front and rear... fronts are no problem, the rears actually rub a bit on hard bumps since I got the H&R Sport Springs / Bilstein Shocks installed It's not bad enough to do anything more than "Polish" the head of the wheel...
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    Will Golf Mk4/Leon windscreen wiper arms fit an A3?

    Yes, the MKIV Arms and Blades fit the A3 And I think a kit is still offered at vagparts for the Aero Wipers
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    Self opening boot?

    I had the same problem with the "Soft-Touch" Boot latch. Audi swapped out switches and it never happened again. You CAN definately check for a leaking rear wiper, this could soak the switch and cause problems. I would recommend checking that first. THEN go in to a mechanic if the rear wiper's...
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    Hesitation/Misfire problem

    Any chance someone has a pic where I could see where this thing is? Thx
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    Loss of power - slipping clutch or boost leak?

    Oh yeah, I forgot to mention the new Lambda sensors, Cat and throttle body in the last 6 months as well.
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    Loss of power - slipping clutch or boost leak?

    Not a nice thought, but do you think the E-gas pedal could be "off" somehow? As for Fuel Pressure... don't know if it'll help narrow anything down, but I run a 4 bar FPR on the TQ and still have the problem Also, new Clutch, new transmission and new DV (all in the last 90 days) and the...
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    New S3

    As long as the S3 goes Stateside too
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    Strange loss of power???

    How would the EGR valve be the problem??
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    how i want my car to look

    Yup, sides and rear are Votex / ProjecktZwo but the front is something else
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    Dude, it pretty much HAS to be road conditions Were the roundabouts off-camber? Angle of the road could then be a factor. Do you have newer tires on the front vs the rear? If all was well when you got closer to home then I'd think you were good to go... now if it happens more often... I guess...
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    S3 gearbox into a A3TS

    That would be a good theory... IF the clutch were slipping I had to get mine changed out because the throw-out bearing was worn and the pressure plate (We think) was wobbling when disengaging the clutch Doesn't matter now I guess, we've got that used one coming in now And with snow...