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    1999 A6 Front Bumper.

    Blueone you have pm
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    knocking on front passenger side wheel

    It could also be one of your suspension arms, I had something similar except it was a ratchet sound on right lock only and it was my suspension had the full set replaced :-(
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    Colour Coding

    HI all Just wondering, how easy is it to colour code all the grey/black bits on my A6? As I have seen some peoples bumpers and trim start to crack and peel off, any advice much appreciated. THANK YOU
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    Are there many A6 owners on here???

    Been away for a bit, but now I am on here nearly everyday its a really good site to try and sort out any problem :-)
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    Retro fit Xenon????

    Adam, At what audi dealer did they do this for you? and how much did it cost to do?
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    A6 2.5 TDi Fuel econ 29 mpg ?

    Around town I roughly get 28-32mpg, a mix of motorway and town about 35-37 mpg, and purely motorway about 45 mpg ( manage to do 365 miles to half a tank coming back from Lake District) Hope these figures help, my A6 is the 1998(150 bhp) 6 speed manual and has done 128000 miles
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    Are there many A6 owners on here???

    Hey include me as well....thats 14 now !!!!!!! a few more and we could start a convoy...bugsy " Rubber Duck".....LOL
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    Lacquer peeling!!!!

    Hi All Just wonder if someone on here can recommend a cure for my problem...( No not that one I have seen the Just around the rear of the roof near the roof rail I have noticed that the lacquer is peeling and some has come off, is there anything i can do to prevent more coming off...
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    A6 Mirror Switch

    Really easy job.......just be careful when trying to get the old switch out or you can break the trim, as it clips onto the switch on 2 sides, just takeyour time and lever a bit each side.....then pop the trim is off and you can connect the new switch in
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    retro-fit headlight washers???

    Hi all This is one for the experts, some dunce in a car park has left me needing a new front bumper!!!!!! NOW is it possible if I get a front bumper with the washer system attached that I can just plumb it straight into my car that hasnt got the system as standard??? Or does anyone have a...
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    Retro fit Xenon????

    Hi all Been thinking of fitting one of the aftermarket kits that have been discussed on here "hids4u", but I was wondering if it is possible to fit OE parts???? Any comments will be much appreciated
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    I got some great shots too.......shame about the ****** fence though, was a right pain getting the cars in right place !!!!!!
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    Chipsaway South East London??

    If you dont mind me asking, where abouts is the body shop???? Thanks
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    South London/Kent meet.

    Yes bar open and the snack wagon was doing a good trade
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    South London/Kent meet.

    Hi Not many Audis went along, but loads of Golfs mkI ,II III etc Dubbers car is really nice and my son loved the wheels but thought they would be a pain in cleaning !!!!!!! Why dont more Audi owners go along?????