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    Annoying wiper click at top.. driving me insane!

    Did you change your wipers recently? Mine knocks the top of the windscreen surround after I swapped out for some Bosch Aerotwin. Its now worn the metal away after I ignored it. Anyway I dremelled the plastic clip at the end and it is now clear.
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    Fuel filter change (self prime )

    My cabriolet has a steel under tray ... there is also additional under body strengthening - welded cross beams.
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    8p carbon fiber interior trim
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    Anyone using an aftermarket steering lock?

    Thx all ... will order the Pro from Amazon.
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    Anyone using an aftermarket steering lock?

    As the title says ... and which one? Thx.
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    ARR upgrades

    Only up to 2012 models on this forum - head over to the 8v model forum.
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    Anti roll bar

    The eibach arbs I have came with brackets pre-installed - one of the reasons I went with them after recommendation from my tuner. I was initially going with H&R.
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    Anti roll bar

    Mine is not an S3 but I have Eibach ARBs on the Pro kit springs and Bilstein B8s.
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    Something nasty growing on my pollen filter!

    £6.99 until Tues if you use SALE55 click and collect.
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    2011 8p3 coming home lights possible???

    You can only do ‘manual’ coming home on halogens with no ambient light sensor. On mine after I switch off engine and before opening the door I can flick the high beam and my front fogs and rear park lights come on for about a minute and then dim. I use this often.
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    Can a Bluefin be sold on?

    My Bluefin Stage 2 was overwritten by APR stage 2. I also sold my handset on.
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    Can’t remember look at the 034 Motorsport website - think there are two versions depending on year of car. Think Awesome do them.
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    I had quite a bit of extra vibration with the 034 Motorsport version given its solid metal. Seems to have completely gone now. Didn’t really notice more vibration with the Powerflex one - that also came apart when we swapped over.
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    No issues here - originally on the Powerflex, now on the 034 billet aluminium version.